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  1. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Purge ! OPEN - $5-$130

    Purging adopts , OLD FURSONAS AND Characters, All HQ Designs LARGE OC/DEISGNS/ADOPTS SALE. GIVE ME YOUR OFFERS! NOT ON BASES! OFFER AWAY. I'm only reselling designs for the amount I purchased them for with added art in mind, or cheaper. And I can do a payment plan but you wont be able to use...
  2. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Old Fursona Wolf Resale With 15 HQ Arts Price $70

    Selling for only $70 Comes with 15 HQ art! link to some more art here For Sale $70 on Toyhouse Am selling because I am leaving and saving for a car. Selling most of my adopts which you can check out here www.furaffinity.net: (Leaving) Character Purge ! OPEN - NEED GONE ASPA by ThyBlackReaper...
  3. ThavionHawk

    Looking for reviews and help with my stories

    I've been working off and on writing a series of stories that for the life of me I can't stop writing over and over again. At this point I have hundreds of pages of text with multiple continuity errors that need to be worked out along with a number of spelling and grammar errors. What I'm...
  4. Ekeios

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $35USD flat feline adopts

    Hiya I'm just here cuz I have some adopts I've been tryin to sell! Each are a flat $35 USD, which I will accept over paypal only. First come first served; please PM me on FA to claim! Larger image sizes are linked in the characters' theme title ! "Fallen" "Cinnamon Sugar" "Love Sick"
  5. Kingbatman7

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts Open! 10+ of them!

    Here are all of them! They're apart of my Adopt Series called "MAGIC MIKE" lol they're all themed as exotic dancers. xD R U L E S ★R U L E S★ ★ Paypal; USD only! ★ NO ECHECKS PLEASE NO HOLDS THIS TIME SORRY! ★ If you back out I will give you a warning. ★ Failure to pay will result in lost of...
  6. Jacob Shawcross

    (Commission) Selling: Selling full body and colour sfw cutes, $10!

    Hi! Selling A4 size digital drawings! I use paypal and turnaround time is a day or two depending on my workload! I can draw most animals, though I focus more on cuteness than anatomy >w< I’m most familiar with felines, but I don’t only draw tigers, don’t worry! ^u^ -MidiFile
  7. GraySkies

    Oni Dragon OTA

    Hello all! I designed a new bab recently and he's currently ota! Money offers only (although I may consider money+art) at a 40$ minimum! Please help me find him a good home!!! www.furaffinity.net: Akuma (Ota - Open) by GraySkies I also have a few remaining Pride Adopts from last month if...
  8. fearlesstiger

    Looking for chakat artist

    I'd love to see my anthro tiger turned into a taur or chakat. I only have one good feral pictures for lower body reference so I'll leave most of the details up to the artist. www.furaffinity.net/view/24441413/ www.deviantart.com: Sitting Fear
  9. MarquisofGIF

    Greetings my Furry Fellows

    Let me introduce myself, my name Is Marquis of GIFs or simply Marquis, because i do make Gifs and small animation clips, animation is my passion, my religion. I'm a gentle anthropomorfic tiger who is very friendly, social ,generious and overall happy, i hope i can meet other furry to get alongm...
  10. MrSilverFox

    **ON HOLD AS I EVALUATE CURRENT OPTIONS**Looking for Anthro Siberian Tiger Ref Sheet

    Hello, Starting off, I'd like to mention that my price point is around the $50 area at the moment, so if that can be worked with, that would be wonderful. I'm looking for a moderately simple reference sheet for a siberian tiger character. The key thing for this is that I would also be...
  11. Aleat_Rodan

    Singer Wanted

    I am doing a quick project for now: I have taken the Furry VN(visual novel) Nekojishi theme with its bad translated lyrics and transformed them into something more understandable yet still fitting and mirroring the original. I am looking for someone who is able to sing well, that would be...
  12. ThyBlackReaper

    Saber Tooth Tiger, Male needs art

    This guy needs some art only got ref sheet. thyblackreaper.deviantart.com: Genzo Hakimura Feral Form Ref Sheet would love anthro form or feral form up to you headshots or whatever, im happy with. thank you heaps for reading this! (gotnomoneytopayforcomms)
  13. shelby079

    My first fursona

    Hi all, Thank you very much for your massive replies. For now it's waiting for reply and things to start. Thanks again all. Hi, I need your artists help to make my first fusrona / character come to alive. He is now only in my head. Desperate come out of there. He's a big masculine black male...
  14. SootTiger

    Soot's Art Thread

    For myself ----- I've been really getting in to Twitch so I've been practicing emotes and such. [Not sized to the correct standard for Twitch.] ----- Some adopts and their emotes. This adopt's base was not made by me. I wanted to link it just to show it with the emote. ------ A...
  15. SashaBengal

    New Tiger in the Neighborhood

    Hah! So just after I typed that, I immediately thought of Daniel Striped Tiger... No relation though! I'm a Bengal, and as far as I know he's a.... idk... clocktower? Lol I crack myself up. Anyway, I've heard a lot about this site and finally decided to check it out. I've not had my fursona...
  16. Wind Song

    Badges, Full Works, or Wood Works available!

    I offer many types of works to fit your budget Traditional Badges - range from $30-$100+ Woodworks - range from $50-$200+ Traditional Art - range from $75-$350 to see more examples check out my pages at FA:Userpage of WindSong83 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DA: WindSong83 on DeviantArt FB...
  17. WednesdaysSpecial

    Character Adoptables ($10-30 Range)

    Hello hi!! I'm Wednesday, I like to create character concepts and designs! Here's some of my favorite open designs Gryphon Scientist, $30 USD OPEN: Toad Prince Adopt, $20 Boar man, he's one of my oldest, so $15 Here's all of em!! Artwork Gallery for WednesdaysSpecial -- Fur Affinity...
  18. SootTiger

    Purrfectly Sooted

    Hello, I'm Soot. I'm 22 years young, and currently working at with local animal rescue groups in Southern Arizona. I've been rescuing animals since I was very young, and finally got the opportunity to work at a legitimate rescue and the humane society (for awhile). I studied Equine Vet Tech for...
  19. Lea.Tigris

    Looking for RP Partner

    Okay so this is a new one for me, but looking to find an rp partner. I'm looking for one person, maybe more to join later, we'll see. Quick info: Female Golden Tiger. Confident, out going, but can be defensive. Usually the one in charge. Over 18s only incase things get nsfw, be it violence...
  20. synicals

    OTA One-off Herb Gathering Tiger

    8/30/2017 This is an Herb Gathering Tiger It's a one-off, not part of a species or anything This design was created by me, synicals @ deviantart and furaffinity. Please do not reuse or repost without written consent. Please do not use or roleplay or do anything with this character without...