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  1. shetaizettai

    Cave of Wonders / Tiger Head

    So I'm looking for an RPer who would be willing to rp a NSFW plot as the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin with an life-sized anthro or human male. I'm sure you're asking how that would work. Well that's exactly what I'd be willing to discuss. Please reply if you're interested in doing something...
  2. AriesHausdorff

    Chapter 1 of "The Children of Earth" finished... Proofreaders please?

    The first book of my "Welcome to Valhalla" Series reached a milestone: Chapter 1 is done. You find it here: http://aries.homeftp.net/publish/welcome_to_valhalla/wtv-texts/files/The_children_of_Earth.pdf Any feedback, aside of the already reported Doorknobbing issue in 1.1. is dearly welcome -...
  3. BohemianHoliday

    new friends needed, please and thank meow :3

    Hello, I'm Sweets and I just thought I'd introduce myself! My boyfriend (he introduced himself earlier) guided me to this site in hopes that we could find some friends with a similar mindset as ours! :) I am, as luck would have it, a sugary white tigress of the ripe age of 19 and am very bubbly...