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  1. ~Wolf_in_the_Mask

    Main Site 24-hour clock format, please!

    Greetings! I am not sure if I am just unable to find it or if this indeed isn't a thing somehow, but FurAffinity forces me to either use the "a day ago" or "Nov 3, 2020 12:14 AM" time format, and I find both inconvenient; month precedes the day and you have these mysterious marking "AM" and...
  2. nyall

    How Long Do You Take to Render Your Pieces?

    I'm not fond of spending so much time on one piece. Often I stop after 3 or 4 hours. But of course, art that I really love take way more time than that. I wonder how much time goes into rendering big pieces (like those of ovopack, for example). I've been watching art streams lately, and wow...
  3. CertifiedCervine

    Wow, how this decade has changed

    So, I was flipping through the internet, and found this video reflecting internet memes and pop culture from around 2010-2013 I was quite suprised! I had almost forgotten about so many of these things! How time has changed! Pop culture has changed, New technology has been invented, People seem...
  4. Behemoth89

    What would YOU do when YOU have free time

    Topic "Free time". I wanna say not only weekend but also waiting time for some one ,some thing. _My personal opinion that Time is so precious. Now I'm reading book when I 'm waiting to get unemployment benerfit. :)AND YOU?
  5. Joni

    What time is it?

    I'm bored and I want to know in which time zone do you live. I get the most alerts in the night, so there must be a couple of hours difference between most of us. I live In Germany in the time zone GMT +2
  6. dragonnetstorm

    Question about advertisement on FA: how long should replies take?

    I've been wanting to advertise on FA for quite a while, and finally gobbled the courage together to do so, so sent an email to the official advertisement email adres. This was a week ago. Site mentions to leave at least 3 working days. I sent the banner itself in the mail, mentioned where it...
  7. M

    My Future World

    We are currently living in the Information Age. The next ages of humanity that I predict are as follows 1. The Post-Information Age -not too far in the future. Maybe 20 years 2.The Fusion Age -the discovery of sustainable fusion power ushers in a new era of unlimited energy and end of fossil...
  8. C

    New Member conformaton email

    How long does it take to get a conformation email once you sign up to be able to log in??
  9. N

    How long did you stay in your fursuit?

    Hey, i wanted to know how long did you stay fully closed in with out open it in your fur suit? Did you can stay longer in your suit in wintertime, and how long in summer? Do the place where you live has influence to stay in your suit, the cold north or the warm south ? And do you train to...
  10. binite

    Hyper-Cube (Game Idea)

    This is an update to my original HyperCube Game idea i had... The first was made in Game Maker and i hated it, so now i'm making it in unity. All models were made by me and in Google SketchUp, this is my first time using Unity... I got my Inspiration from the Movie (Cube2- Hypercube) Tell...
  11. Diretooth

    Story Time!

    What is this? This is a forum game where someone posts a part to a story and leaves it off to where other people can continue it. Rules: You must continue along the thread of the previous post. If you post, but another person posts first, your post is rendered non-canon. You may edit said post...
  12. Kioskask

    What can I do??

    Tomorrow, I'm going to have to be 100% silent and confined to my room for a whole day. I can't make any noise because there is going to be a film crew recording for a film inside my house, and their mic picks up even the slightest bit of sound. Does anyone know anything interesting/fun that I...
  13. PrismaKitty

    Best Time to Post on FA?

    Hey there, friends! I was wondering if you all knew what is the best time to post artwork to FA? What are your experiences with posting at different times? Does it not matter? I'm trying to get my artwork out there into the open and was hoping y'all could give me pointers! Any other tips...
  14. Kioskask

    Passing time

    I have pretty much nothing to do on weekends until my graphics tablet arrives next week, so it would be interesting to know what you do to pass time.