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  1. artofem

    Youtube channel for arts

    I made a youtube channel where I post the arts I've drawn. I usually kept them in my google drive along with the .psd files. Feel free to check it out, here. It doesn't have a cover image yet. I'm not really good at making those. :/
  2. nubilum93

    (Commission) Selling: Realistic art: headshot, half-body, full-body and ref sheet ($30-$300)

    www.furaffinity.net: Portrait in realistic style - Commissions are Open by nubilum93 High resolution: 35 Megapixels (and higher) Will do: Animal, Anthro, Dragon, etc. Will NOT do: Human I can also create a cub form of your character. Prices : Low detail: Portrait / Headshot: $30 Half-body...