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  1. X

    The Lion Guard

    I'm 32 years old and I watch this kiddy shit show but I have to admit that I enjoy it a bit. I love the new characters even though it effects the continuity of TLK canon (as if anyone should care.) I like the sympathetic, "good" hyena characters; in a way it is a childhood dream of mine...
  2. Akila

    Feral Roleplay? (SFW or NSFW)

    I've been having a hankering for getting back into the roleplay world recently but most of the places I used to frequent and partners I had are lost to time and the void. That's what's bringing me to the FA forums! Platforms: Preferably Telegram, Discord or Twitter DMs are also acceptable. My...
  3. Yumacub

    Bored; Here's my Recent Artworks!

  4. _izuko

    Yooo looking for any sort of RP (sfw or not)

    revived this account to bring a cute hyena OC into the world. His bio will be in the follow up post~
  5. Karibu

    (Commission) Selling: Lion/Feline Commissions (OPEN)

    General Info I can draw only big felines (NO human/furries/wolves/cats/...) I can draw gore but not too detailed I do not accept sexual content yet (I do YCHs for that type of content) The commission may take from a couple of days to 1-2 months I'll start working only after I have received the...
  6. jwatkinsart

    African Wildlife RP Server (TLK Welcome)

    Warlords is an African Wildlife RP Server on Discord, and we're currently recruiting new members! Looking for a casual RP community? Like The Lion King? Like African wildlife? We're here for you. So, what do we offer? Other than a friendly community, we also have fun features to help push...
  7. Vampyre-Skunk

    Cheap YCH and custom adopts from a newbie

    Hello I am new here but would like to try to branch out! I will do YCH and custom adopts for this places min of $5 These are to be done on bases I bought and have the right to make money from and when uploaded the base artist will be tagged. I specialize in TLK recolors on bases from my friend...