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  1. D

    To all those lonely furs out there

    To that lonely fur, Whose heart has much to endure, In the shadows of doubt and fear, Desiring what is so dear, Take but a moment to think, Something so small but sweet. As hope may drain down the sink, We are all on the same fleet. Not a single one can know, What the next hour may show. The...
  2. G

    Why so bitter?

    Lately, I've started to find these forums more and more unpleasant to be on. Aside from the lack of mods, general degeneracy, and trolling; the biggest issue I find, is bitterness. People starting fights where they don't need to be, going on threads just to be an asshole, and the multitude of...
  3. llMeanlightll

    Let's Draw! "Proud to be a Furry"

    I've only been in this community for a while and I've seen that this forum is kind of...slow in a way? There's not much activities going on and so I think gathering us here together to draw our fursona in a common 'theme' if you could say, would be fun! Something along the line of taking a...