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  1. Vigil29

    Request: Requesting Free line art/sketch of Cartoon Animals

    Hi, I'm really looking for some sketches or line art of cartoony anthro animals. If you know how to draw cartoon characters as well as the animal species listed below, feel free to message me. Kangaroo Fox Bunny Chicken/Rooster Coyote
  2. xiardoruzo

    Join bellyjoyful server! [Fatfur, inflation, macro ... ]

    Bellyjoyful is a fictional restaurant but also a furry community we aim to -Bring together furries with various fetish.(Fat, Inflation, Macro, Toon, Fusion .... and others) -Bring together the furry Canadians a little scattered in the community. The community is not aimed exclusively at...
  3. Sabstar

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Commissions ($15-$60)

    Hi there! I'm open for commissions! I'm taking 3 slots at a time currently. Turnaround time is usually a few days depending on the slots I have free, but I will let you know if it's going to be longer or if there are any delays during the process. Do's SFW/NSFW Any gender Anthro/Feral...
  4. ZoZo

    ISO OC Fursona Ref Design

    I’m looking for someone who could design me a reference sheet of my current fursona. I want to upgrade him to a ferret/raccoon mix.
  5. restinglichface

    (Commission) Selling: Simple Toon Illustrations ($35)

    Hello! My name is Pluto, I’m fairly new to taking commissions on fur affinity so I thought I’d get the ball rolling by offering six slots for some very straightforward illustrations. - For $35, you get a clean and simple toonie illustration. Flat color, no shading or highlights. No background...
  6. bluezcherry

    (Commission) Selling: bluezcherry's commissions

    I've decided to open up commissions! :D I'll respond to dms, replies to this thread, or you can email me at differentjasper@gmail.com. Or, fill out this form! :) More examples on my Furaffinity: Userpage of bluezcherry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Slots: taken EMPTY EMPTY I also have a ko-fi...
  7. Inklop Bunny

    Open Commissions! $12-$55 SFW Toony style, digital sketches & line-art!

    I’m open for a variety of Toony commissions including Full-Bodies and Headshots, done as either Digital Sketch or Line-Art! Prices start at $12 for Sketches and $25 for Headshots. I can do ferals and anthros, real species & fantasy. I don’t do backgrounds or reference sheets at this time...
  8. Rainbow Man

    Commissions Open - Sketch: $10.00

    www.furaffinity.net: Commissions Open - Sketch: $10.00 by RainbowMan Comment or private message your character reference. PayPal Donate: www.paypal.me/RainbowManOfficial Or PayPal Email: BaronTremayneCaple@Gmail.com
  9. buttburner

    Various Commission Types Open : Starts at 25USD

    Check out my FA page for more stuff and styles Userpage of buttburner -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Comment for a slot.
  10. Wind Song

    Traditional Art, Open for Commissions!!!

    Hello, seems not all of my photos will load, I guess most are too large to load here... however all my works can be seen on my Facebook or DeviantArt pages! I do multiple types of traditional art that includes water color, acrylic, pencils, charcoal, color pencils, ink, pastels, and/or markers...