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  1. KemoNova

    Old members needed for this topic ! Let's talk about 80/90's-2009 old conventions !

    Hello ! Today I'd like to bring old members to a topic you surely already saw but let's dive into the real thing and tell us (to young 2010-today members) how was like to be in those old conventions back at in 80/90's-2009 area? I'm here to understand what activities was in anthro conventions...
  2. B

    Forum I don't see why necroposting is bad?

    I guess I have only been a part of one other forum, so I'm not super experienced with all forum etiquette, but I never saw an issue with necroposting. I like how a thread is brought back from the dead and made relevant again. It's cool that years later, people have more to add to the pot. I...
  3. Donkie

    Add a most recent topic listings on top of showing the most recent posts

    This would help reduce the bloat of as people call them "bait" threads because it would give you a lot more recent topics to choose from then just the most recent comments on the sight. Also it would be a nice addition to make people experience more of the Forum as there are so manny subforms...
  4. Ciderfine

    Happy Birthday psychology

    This is simple, if someone you dont like or know says happy b day to you does it freak you out and bother you? Or are you a "I'll take all those b day wishes thank you never much" For me the custom of a birthday is a very tribal and important event meant to congratulate a member of...
  5. Ciderfine

    Just why

    Something that always targets this announce nerve of mine is when someone gets artwork of their character with cybernetic limbs and I just have to ask WHY. Their not adam jensen, this isnt Black ops 3, sure its your character but fucking why ahahaha. We don't have real replacements for that...
  6. Ciderfine

    The dreaded dual F word

    But that soggy bread I mean...uh god..."Fur family" I know the fandom creates a sense of...everyone is a jugsaw puzzle glistening with sap ready to be accepted but sometimes it goes a bit to far. I personally find it creepy when someone relates to a past or current friendship as "Your my...
  7. Ciderfine

    The D virus

    By that I mean Discord. Its kind of turned into the new on site carrier pigeon for today's negative space world. A lot of people flock to saying "New furry discord group come appreciate" but more like "come join" in huge floods. Feels a bit funny that so many groups exist but more and more...
  8. dogryme6

    Fidgeting with Fluff Dragons

    Here's a question I've had for ages. If there were to be furry dragons, dragons with fur, fluff dragons if you will... How do they develop? Where do they come from, how do they come to be? Seems almost like almost all dragons are scalies, but I felt like I really wanted to differentiate from...
  9. MikaKoinu

    Yo! What's up? ✿

    Hello, my name is Mikayla. I've had a FA account for a while now but recently started getting into it again. I thought I'd try and talk to some new people casually! if you would like to talk, write a comment or message me. ☆