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  1. Paws the Opinicus

    Deeeeead Threeeead (zombie noises) :D

    (Nukes the thread from orbit, it's the only way to be sure) I no longer RP. Technically, never got to anyways, so I guess I never missed anything. Sorry. Is there a way I can delete this thread? :D
  2. Ship-Wreck

    Paint your own furry figurine - canine

    Hey y'all! I have launched a canine figurine base on Kickstarter! I have wanted to create these for a looooong time! The first figurine is a canine base, which will come in white to allow the user to paint it any way they want. Please check it out! Pledge if you can and share all over social...
  3. SquishySquahsy

    Silicone Sculptures (NSFW)

    Hi all! I have a few platinum-cured silicone sculptures available for sale with more on the way! Each sculpture is $60 + shipping. I accept payment via Paypal "goods and services" and currently only ship to the 50 US states (sorry international friends!). I offer tracked, 3-day shipping via...
  4. Winterbolts

    Open Squish Design - Painted Dog

    Hello there everyone! I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this, but since this is concept work I figured it would be okay to post here. I recently created a Squishable design and submitted it to the Squishable team over at Squishable.com, and back in May it was accepted to be voted on...
  5. Kessan

    Dragon Fox Loki poseable toy

    Dragon Fox Loki 150 usd He is wery sociable, affectionate and likes to cuddle His color is ginger and brown he is 40 cm long Fully poseable one-of-a-kind handmade doll wings, tail, legs, fingers Dragon one of a kind poseable toy 40 cm long. He also can a pet for bjd doll Head was...
  6. CrystalOokamiWolf

    Question about Budsies..? (+ Looking for a Maker)

    So I stumbled upon this site off of Tumblr: Custom Stuffed Animals, Plush Figurines - Budsies and am very interested in buying a Budsie of one of my characters... Now I would commission someone to make me a Plushie of said character.. Been trying for years! But everytime they open. I miss them...