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  1. GhostyLox

    l HUGE l Taking offers on everyone on my Toyhouse l Lots for HQ Chara. with lots of art.

    I'm taking offers on my entire toyhouse even the one that say forever homed. https://toyhou.se/GhostyLox/characters/folder:all
  2. Serendipity.Stag

    (Open) Massive Character Purge!

    Yo! Having a HUGE character purge over on my Toyhou.se! Check it out here: https://toyhou.se/SerendipityStag/characters/folder:2858871 You do NOT need to have a TH to adopt, just comment or DM me here! You may lowball, but I can't promise I'll accept the offer.
  3. lanbees

    TOYHOU.SE code?

    Hello! I'm new to the furry fandom, and was hoping to use Toyhou.se to organize characters I've created/bought. But you need a code to register the account. Would anyone be willing to help me out and send me a code? Thank you! :p EDIT: Tendo64 helped me out! Thank you!
  4. T

    Trading toyhouse codes for stuff

    Trading toyhouse codes for stuff I can generate 15 invite codes I'm looking for: Up for grabs ota 1. Art (OC's, place views, land views, pose references and/or maps) 2. Stories (continues, world building, edited,and/or new stories) 3. Could use help putting stuff on toyhouse I may accept ocs
  5. W

    Tohou.se codes are impossible!!

    AGH! How do you people get these? I seriously want a Toyhou.se account but the codes are so hard to get! Where should I go to get a code? And I was wondering if someone could give me one through a trade? I actually am not sure how it works though, so if I sound dumb, please correct me >~<