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toyhouse purge

  1. GhostyLox

    l HUGE l Taking offers on everyone on my Toyhouse l Lots for HQ Chara. with lots of art.

    I'm taking offers on my entire toyhouse even the one that say forever homed. https://toyhou.se/GhostyLox/characters/folder:all
  2. cowboykidd

    trading ocs for art!

    info here! please have a toyhouse profile that i can transfer the design to if you want to offer. https://toyhou.se/15402268.offering-characters-for-art-
  3. Irbisari

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Huge ToyHouse Purge (trade/offer/sell)

    I'm doing a massive purge in my ToyHouse account, with the intention of leaving it for adopt selling only and moving my OCs to RefSheet. And I'd like to give away the ones that I don't use anymore. The lowest prize is $5 for leftover adopts. The highest is $60 for a (human) OC with 34 HQ...