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trade me

  1. Dandelionqueen

    Art Trade: My Poetry for Fursona Avatar?

    Hello! I'm a poet and I thought it'd be fun to do an art trade for a color avatar of my fursona. My fursona is an eastern carpenter bee with a pink curly mohawk and a spiky leather jacket. I can send pics of myself for reference if need be. I have some examples of my work on furaffinity but my...
  2. Bluequill

    Looking to trade copy edits on NSFW story

    Hello there, I have a number of stories between 2K and 5k words in length that I would love to have copy edited before posting. I am looking for someone to simply read through them and look for spelling and grammatical mistakes. In return, I'd offer the same service to you for pieces of...
  3. LittleXLee

    Art Trade: Trade Me!

    I recently got ditched after sending art for a trade but I still REALLY want art for a few characters so I’m willing to give art trades another go if someone is good for it and has a cute style for them! One character is my SFW lamb OC who’s on my profile and another is a NSFW long haired demon...
  4. ThefriendlyFurry

    Will Write You a Story for Art.

    Okay so I was going back through my old OCs and decided I wanted to Gender Bend 2 and get a ref sheet for another. I'll detail below and I'll write whatever you want. Gender Bent OCsOCs (Both are Males and I want them as female): Sean: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PET14kZ8uR6NFqvQ7 Noah...
  5. Skychickens


    EDIT: It's okay now. I have completed my dex. I mean I need to get on reddit too but I am 92 pokemon away from a complete living dex. I completely missed the Marshadow event because too many reasons. I need a Marshadow. I don’t care if it’s legitimate, only if it’ll pass the Bank’s checker...