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trade or free art of ocs

  1. Blushroom

    Free Art: CLOSED | Holiday Requests & Trades! [SFW/NSFW]

    Closed! Time for something I haven't done in a long friggin time... I would love to draw your characters! Your choice of SFW or NSFW, single characters only for this please. ^w^ Please DM me on FA with your reference image/description and what you want the character to be doing. Thanks for...
  2. ThefriendlyFurry

    Will Write You a Story for Art.

    Okay so I was going back through my old OCs and decided I wanted to Gender Bend 2 and get a ref sheet for another. I'll detail below and I'll write whatever you want. Gender Bent OCsOCs (Both are Males and I want them as female): Sean: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PET14kZ8uR6NFqvQ7 Noah...
  3. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Wolf that needs to be drawn

    Greetings and salutations, I'm looking for someone that is willing to draw my character Daithi Aaron Radcliff the Wolf from scratch or by reference but mostly both because with each reference it has been drawn different ways and also different styles. trust me I enjoy having my character drawn...
  4. Secret170193

    Trading for practice

    I barely ever draw anymore, so next time I get a day off and some spare time I want to try a bit of practice. I want to try drawing one of my characters with a random character (one of yours). It'll be likely nsfw and I'm practicing ferals. I'll let you pick what character you want your...
  5. A

    Looking to trade or sell ocs I never use

    Since I'm looking for points, money, or art I'm not quite sure where to post this But: Pretty much ota Please no lowball offers please try to keep it at or above 100 points/half body Adopts: Up for grabs - Google Drive I'm more preferable to art and money (not a lot of ppl take points but I'll...