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  1. JuniperW

    Art Trade: Looking for some cheer-up art, can do art/writing in return

    Hello all. I have been feeling a little down as of lately and am looking for some art of my characters to ease the stress. I’m looking for art with Tallika and/or Whiplash. The former can also be drawn in his snake form. I would prefer to do art in return as I find it harder to finish short...
  2. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    I am open to an artrade if anyone is interest! heres my samples. deviantart I'm open to all styles sketchy or cleaned up and any lengths portrait/half/fullbody though I am looking for some colour included, even if its just flat colour! I really want art of my oc, Fatkat. I just love him so...
  3. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    comic art trade

    Hello I am looking for a big comic trade based on butt vore or boots/butt crush. If anyone is up for this, here are the ocs I would like you use for the vore: Pred: https://d.furaffinity.net/art/germanor123/1621199302/1607522230.germanor123_bjorg.png Prey...
  4. iDrakostral

    Art Trades/collabs?

    Heyo! This is my first post in the forums! I've decided to open up to some collabs or trades! I would prefer people who are on the same art level as me (ex; not using bases mainly) Examples of my work; Star WIP by iDrakostral -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ZORDIC2 by iDrakostral -- Fur Affinity...
  5. JustAKat

    Art Trade: Can trade physical art/digital art

    Hello! I’ve been craving art for my character and I have was wondering if anyone will be willing to trade with me? I can offer badges, buttons or plain ole’ digital art. It all depends on your art quality. Here are my examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/justakat/
  6. AshesToSparks

    Art Trade: Trading rough painting for art

    Good morning everyone (or whatever time it may be) I am hoping to meet more folks in the community, and I figured an Art trade would be a fun way to do that. so I would like to trade a rough full-body painting with you. Unfortunately I will have to link my example because the furaffinity forum...
  7. KhramChee

    Art Trade: Taking Art Trades - CLOSED

    I need to practice unusual animals, that is anything that is NOT a canine or feline. I've decided to open a small thread on twitter where I'll be posting both sides of the trades. My turn in time is normally up to 7 days after trade is accepted ♥ I offer one colored fullbody, but you can draw...
  8. fenchfletcher

    Art Trade: Trade Your Skylanders for art?

    I got Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for the Wii recently and I'm looking to get more figures for it. I also plan on eventually getting the other games on the Wii (Swap Force, Giants, and Trap Team) and will gladly also accept figures and the portals for those games. Anyway, I am trading art...
  9. Hound-of-chulainn

    Art Trade: Pixel artist looking to do some art trades (Open - 2 Slots)

    Hey everyone. I've had some artist block for a while, but now that I'm starting to get over it, I wanted to do some art trades before the year ends and I get flooded with work again. If you'd like to see some of my art, you can check out my gallery. I'm mostly focusing on pixel art and...
  10. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Art Trade: NSFW comic trade

    Hello I am planning to test my art experience in comic draw (I will do a small comic). if anyone want to do a comic art trade with me, tell me. It's nsfw and inspired from this: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/captainjingo/sally-discovers-anal-comic I would like to see something like...
  11. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Art Trade: searching art trades or collabs ?

    Hello I need to practice art atm and I will choose one artist who can do collab or art trade with me. Here are my rules: - I will no draw humans, only anthro and I will choose depending to subject or design. - Interested by biker, futuristic, cowboy, reptile, butt vore, butt, boobs, few birds...
  12. Jojer

    Make a Sticker For The Person Above You

    Hello furry, feathery, scaly, slimy, and leathery peeps. I hope every one of you is fairing well during this time. Since some of us have more time on our paws lately, I thought it might be a good idea to jumpstart some activity here. Following the “draw the poster above you” parent thread, the...
  13. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art

    Hello out there! :) I'm currently looking to fill out my OC cast for a crime/horror-based webcomic project of mine. So, I'm looking to trade for neat designs! If you want to trade OC-for-OC, we will both walk away with new characters to work with. I'm looking for old-school mobster designs...
  14. RangerReb

    Anyone want to do an art trade?

    Hello my furry fellows! I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and I'd like to draw other people's art and get some art of my own characters. Give some and get some, y'know? I'm currently offering digital shaded drawings with a simple background. I might be able to do full body, but I mostly...
  15. KoomietheFool

    Art Trade: Looking to Trade, Art for Art! (SFW & NSFW)

    Hey, I'm looking to Trade, It'll be nice to get something for giving something! I have a few characters to choose from, not too complex I have my Ragdoll Kitty Kaluah www.furaffinity.net: Fursona Update by Koomie-san My Frost Kitsune (Name Unknown) www.furaffinity.net: Frost Kitsune by...
  16. Punkedsolar

    Art Trade: 3 Animal Crossing Style Art-Trades available

    I'm offering a trade - I'll draw your Animal Crossing critter, and you draw mine! Kid-friendly trades only. Have a look at the very small gallery I have here to see if my style works for you. My AC Villagers: A fancy goth ostrich - Velvet or A frilly renaissance kitty - Louis or A jock flower...
  17. D

    Art Trade: Art for Art nsfw

    Only nsfw Contact me here:Userpage of D.panda -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  18. marshmellerditty

    Draw my fursona? (I'll trade with literally anyone)

    QUEUE 5/13/20: 1. Pollywally (est. completion: 5/15 or 16) 2. ? [you could be next! :0] 3. ? here she is: show me your OC/sona and i'll draw them in exchange for mine!
  19. Olivitree

    Art Trade: Draw one of mine I'll draw one of yours.

    Hey folks, offering up trades! I'll draw like for like pretty much, you draw me a sketch, I'll draw you a sketch, you paint me an oil painting, I'll paint you one XD Etc. Drop the drawing you did for me and a ref, image or description of what your character is and I'll do one for you. please...
  20. AzuelZorro102

    Art Trade: Art trades? Human for furry art [OPEN]

    Hi! I'm up for a few art trades. I'm hoping someone would be up for drawing my human characters in exchange for me drawing your furries/anthros. My human art is a bit sub-par which is why these two characters are so stylized. I can still draw humans! I just don't wish to at this time. I'm...