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trades characters

  1. FluffahRex

    Art Trade: Character Cleanout -- Trades/Art!

    I'm looking to trade out some of my characters, preferably for art, but also willing to trade for other ocs! >>> sta.sh: For sale/trade <<< If interested in trading, just let me know and show examples? I can also take the price stated, or a mix of cash and art :3
  2. RazorTheFox

    Request: Does anyone wanna trade sonas?

    not sure, if i posted in the correct section but does anyone wanna trade one of my old sonas for a really good design? it needs to have a original name and I prefer pastel colors and some art ig i'm not on here much but you can contact me on disc: thicc bean #0621 here's the link to the...
  3. BokuNoKoneko

    Art Trade: Looking For Characters or Art

    Hi, I have a few Characters I'm looking to trade for Other Characters. I'll also trade Characters for Art, Art for Characters, or Art for Art. Honestly I'm just bored and looking for something exciting right now involving some kind of Trades. Here are my characters i have available for trade...