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  1. The King of Trash

    Limited time offer [requests/trades!]

    So I’m having a bit of art block at the moment, so I’m gonna open the floor to requests and art trades! (I honestly rather do trades but I’m open to both) feel free to reply to this or just note and we can work something out! You can find my FA over at: Userpage of The_King_of_Trash -- Fur...
  2. T

    Looking to practice!

    I need some volunteers to help me fill my gallery. :3 If you're interested in letting me draw your character for free please comment on my requests journal: www.furaffinity.net: Request Info -- teafueled's Journal If you're interested in doing some art trades instead please PM me on...
  3. Miloff

    Wanna trade with me?)

    Hi guys, I'm a new user on the FA. I would like to take a trade with someone ~ This is my arts Artwork Gallery for Miloff -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Warning - nsfm content) (А если трэйд с кем нибудь из русских так вообще малина))
  4. Yanixter

    Story Trade for Ref of my fursona

    Hey guys! I'm new here at Forums and well it's my first time also at FurAffinity for a couple of days. For anyways, I've been looking artists who are accepting requests but I do want a trade for reference of my fursona, which is a fox, name Trevor - Which doesn't have one, and I really want his...
  5. Inkblooded

    Looking for: all kinds of icons!

    (Dear mods: I intentionally left the prefix out as this thread is for request, trades AND commissions! Please let me know if that's not ok and I will update it.) I am looking for a few icons of my character. These can either be trades, requests or commissions. For trades, please check my...
  6. KV Studios

    Anyone want to trade?

    Hey! First time in a while being in a thread, I hope I'm not doing anything wrong... Anyways, my art trades are open! I'd rather draw anthro, four-legged fellers and humans are a bit difficult and I don't want to give you a stick figure man instead of actual artwork. On the topic of skill and...
  7. SeastarryNight

    Have Furvilla Beta stuff if anyone wants to trade Petsite game stuff

    I was a Furvilla beta tester and have the beta stuff (The sword of discourse, the female beta bug, some 5 digit villagers.) I never really got into the game so if anyone who would actually appreciate the stuff wants to do some cross site trading I'm all for it! I'd prefer Flight Rising but...
  8. Snoozysnore

    Character Trades

    Hi! Looking to see if anyone's interested in any of my OCs Mainly looking for characters, but will also accept USD or art offers on characters in my others album only Mains Others Please be aware I cannot trade or sell Moonshine Thank you!
  9. Xepheriah

    Looking for Trades

    Possibly interested in doing some art trades with some people. *Please, same level of art as me.* Examples of My Work Other examples can be found in my gallery below: Userpage of xepheriah -- Fur Affinity [dot] net What I Want: I am looking for any of these • Icons • Pixels • Full Body •...
  10. ThefriendlyFurry

    Need Romance Shot

    ok so I have 3 characters in one relationship and I would like a belly up photo of the three of them it's a request or a trade as I'm a writer and will write a story for the art. If interested please reply and I'll send you a message to explain the photo in more details.
  11. estiniens

    Seeking Art of Fursona! (ART TRADES)

    Do you like to draw furries? Do you want to get art of YOUR furry? Cool same. Check it out son, it's my boy, my cat, my bona-fide piece of garbage, Ren. (and if cats aren't your thing, there's always mister Tyrant ) I'm looking for YOUR art in return for MY art (as seen above)! I'll be...
  12. Kaprima

    Free Headshots!~

    small hiatus for now, finishing up my current slots then doing some personal work- i will catch up with the rest of the posts eventually! ohi, I'm Kaprima/Nomu I'm wanting to get out there more in the art world, so I'm looking for a few characters to draw some headshots for. My FA is here for...
  13. JustBilly_

    Open for trades!

    Contact me on FA if you're interested in a trade! Please provide an example of your work, and I'll return to you a pic of equal render level~ My FA page (NSFW!!!) Userpage of billyroflcopter -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  14. Cercis Lycalopex

    Doing Commissions and Trades

    Titular, as usual! You can find info on my commissions on my FA here: Userpage of melbournehusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I have 6 slots for badges and 8 for sketches. I do accept trades. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'd be happy to answer.
  15. P

    Sketch Trades?

    Interested in doing a couple non-colored sketch trades. I'm willing to do 2, may open to more. But 2 seems good right now. Please don't have too complicated characters. I might do colored...we could talk and decide about it. ^^ Will be similar to what's in my FA account. Feel free to note me or...
  16. ArtFurYouCreations

    Need to practice

    I'd like to practice my more mature pieces of art. so if anyone would like to give me some ideas, or trade or anything then let me know.
  17. ColdSoul

    Trades Open!! Freelance Illustrator looking to trade!

    Hi peeps I am a freelance illustrator by profession trade and I am currently open for art trades and will trade art for your art or nsfw fanfics. I mostly want work of my character Phoenix (a Borzoi dog soldier) and either partnered with Chief Bogo for zootopia or Kai from Kung fu panda 3. If...
  18. ColdSoul

    Trade art for NSFW writings

    Hi peeps I am open for art trades and will trade art for a smut fanfic with my Character Phoenix (a Borzoi dog) and Kai from Kung fu panda 3. For every 1000 words you will get a piece of artwork so for example 3000 word will be worth 3 art trades. I will draw anything apart from a couple of...
  19. feder

    Will Write For Arts: Looking For A Trade?

    I'm about finished with my commissioned stories so I'm looking to do some trades. I will write you a story between 500 and 3000 words in exchange for arts. Here's an example of my work: www.furaffinity.net: Making an Honest Woman (Commission) by feder I am pretty open-minded, willing to do...
  20. Ludovique

    Looking for a couple trades!

    Hey hey hey! I'd like to do a couple of trades~ Check out my gallery here: Userpage of ludovique -- Fur Affinity [dot] net