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  1. hexdust

    Looking for Trades !

    Hi guys ! I'm looking to do a few art trades (as well as to shamelessly promote my own page) Reply and link me your samples! my samples are here: (throw a watch my way and i might watch you back too !) Artwork Gallery for hexdust -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and they are almost all nsfw so be...
  2. M

    Taking Art Trades! (closed)

    EDIT: Didn't realize you're not able to change titles on forum posts.. whoops. This is closed now though, I've gotten a lot and can't put anything more on my to do list! Thank you all the traded with me! Bored and want to draw others ocs... so I'm taking a few art trades! This is not first come...
  3. IncubusZenith

    Drake wants trades

    Hi I'm Drake. I'm always looking for art trades, it keeps me going and gives me new stuff to practice. Artwork Gallery for IncubusZenith -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (sfw and nsfw) I'll do sfw and nsfw (within my comfort level) I can be very slow sometimes, and I do apologize in advanced for...
  4. Sightless-Bird

    Trading MYO Lacie Slot

    So I have a myo own Lacie slot. You can possibly buy it from me for 45usd but Im more curious to see what kind of trade offers I'd get. You can offer characters, art, etc. Lacies are a closed-species by Niaro What is a myo? MYO = Make Your Own and it follows up to that. It means you get to...
  5. The King of Trash

    Art trades wanted!

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to do some trades in order to get some experience drawing other people. (Art examples are on my FA profile!) Please note me over on FA if you're interested! Please note that: I Reserve right to refuse trade or to do them out of order. It might take some time to get to...
  6. Suki262

    Looking for Art Trades!

    Hey, Since I am working on commissions at the moment. I have decided that list is done, I wanted to work with more artists on some ideas. NSFW or SFW is cool with me, as long as I see some good quality work I would be happy to work with you. My gallery is here: Userpage of suki262 -- Fur...
  7. 11Sharn11

    Requests/trades open!

    Hey there guys! So it's been ages but I have RETURNED! And I'm once again going to attempt to spend a reasonable amount of time improving my art (things like moving and becoming an adult got in the way, haha!) That having been said, I'm happy to open up for requests again! It's been a long...
  8. Holy King Odin

    Art Trades

    I'll mention here, thanks to a friend, that I'm always open for art trades and requests (though one request for person, after that you'll have to trade/commission me), and will do most types of art and fetishes. Here are examples of my work: Digital: www.furaffinity.net: Jehryn by kingodin...
  9. amethystos

    Trades & Free Art

    Remaking thread because I couldn't adjust the title. EXAMPLES OF MY ART (most submissions are NSFW) 1) Reserve right to refuse trade/request or do them out of order. 2) Stuff takes a week to do (max). Slots remain closed until I finish the current trade/requests, and everything is always...