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  1. Lunneus

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading Thread!

    I guess this is an okay place to put it? I'm not sure where else it'd go! I figured it'd be cool to do some trading over here, help people complete their dex as much as they can. So, post any trades you want or are looking for and then PM Link Code to each other so you don't get someone...
  2. Inkblooded

    Characters for Trade or Offer

    NOTE TO MODERATOR: I have put this thread in Exchanges and Trades as these characters are being traded as well as sold, and they will likely not be sold for more than $5. By the Art Sales and Auctions rules, transactions need to be at least $5 USD of worth and you can't sell or trade for...
  3. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    Rubenesque Gladiatrix design for Art

    I am looking to re-home this lady Samnite construct for some new art for some of my other characters. I am no longer playing them and they could use a new home to love them. ^^ Also comes with a front nude view you can see here and a number of other designs I am selling: Click The piece is...
  4. Hobolobo27

    Any Yugioh Furs Out in the Minnesota Region?

    As the subject line says, I started getting back into Yugioh after a long time and would like to meet some fellow players! I'm in the southeast, Twin Cities region of Minnesota to be precise. And even if your not in the area, please feel free to comment or PM if you want to talk about the game...
  5. ~KrimsonCreature

    Taking Trades/deviantART Points

    Due to time constraints, I shouldn't do full digital color work at this time. So I'll be doing traditional and digital sketches. :3 The digital I am willing to color, but not traditional since I fear ruin. Can't erase colored pencil! :p There's 4 styles I can do both digitally and...
  6. S

    Trying to get rid of some characters T/S

    I haven't had any luck getting rid of these characters and I've fallen out of love or impulse bought them. I hope someone would like to buy/trade with me. Thank you so much ;u; SweetPeaArtist on Toyhouse
  7. Holy King Odin

    Art Trades

    I'll mention here, thanks to a friend, that I'm always open for art trades and requests (though one request for person, after that you'll have to trade/commission me), and will do most types of art and fetishes. Here are examples of my work: Digital: www.furaffinity.net: Jehryn by kingodin...