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traditional art commissions

  1. Horrordragon-XX66

    (Commission) Selling: Anyone wants a Pin-up of their OC's

    Hey everyone, I'm a traditional artist looking for some work. I only take payment through Paypal and Stripe. So here are my prices: No Background-$3.00 Examples: Halloween 20 Witch- Twilight Sparkle XXXmas 20 Peppermint Babes- Darth Talon ⭕.Simple Background-$4.00 Examples: Halloween 21...
  2. PaleoClipper

    (Commission) Selling: Sketches, Full Colors, Character Designs and more!

    I've been diagnosed with heart disease and my hours at work have taken a severe cut as a result. My vehicle also had broken down and I don't have a way to repair it as I lack the funding. With no family who can help, and a bankruptcy preventing me from getting a loan, the only thing I can do is...

    (Commission) Selling: HQ badges, NSFW, & full-bodies [OPEN]

    Hello! I know I'm not very well known, but I figured I should advertise my art somewhere. To contact me directly for a commission, please email me! glitterawrxd@gmail.com I am currently taking... traditional Badges for $45 each! Here's an example: I also am taking traditional full-bodies for...
  4. 555

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $5 commissions!!

    Hi! I'm not sure what happened to my other thread but my name is ant and I'm offering human or furry or anthro art commissions for only five dollars a piece! It'll be in a sketchy style with accents of watercolor, and can be a headshot or even full body if you want to! I have some examples on my...
  5. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    (Commission) Selling: Quickie Traditional Inked Sketches! ($5)

    I'm going to be offering a handful of these. What I'll Do: - Head and/or shoulders/arms of a character of your choice. I Will Draw: - Furries (Any Species) - Humans - Robots (Simplified) - Fanart - OCs I Will Not Draw: - Hate Content - Explicit NSFW Example Art:
  6. furfeatherfin

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional art headshots, white or transparent backgrounds $15-19

    Ink and watercolor headshots. Delivered as digital files only. jpeg (white background, $15) or png (transparent background, $19) Must provide a detailed description of your character/sona's colors, markings, accessories, etc, as well as your desired facial expression. If you are interested in...
  7. bluezcherry

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional Comic Commissions - 25-65USD

    I'm doing ink and marker comic commissions!! :D these are base prices, so they’re adjustable depending on the page. I hope the FAQ isn't too confusing for people. email is differentjasper@gmail.com, or just message me here on the forum ^v^ examples in higher quality: strip 1, strip 2, small...
  8. Teal_Avokado

    INKTOBER commissions, 30$ per art!

    Hello there! I open the inktober commissions! You can see my ink works and the inktober’s arts from last year here –Artwork Gallery for Teal_Avokado -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For this year I combined two theme lists, official and personal. ❖ How it works – you can choose any day that you...
  9. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: Ambriel's Commissions [Colored art starting at $15]

    Here's my order form, And here's some basic info. I'm open to weird prompts, NSFW, and kink related commissions. I also do black and white art starting at $9.75, so feel free to message me for more details.
  10. Old World Bird

    (Commission) Selling: Watercolor commissions [5$ - 35$] [4/7 OPEN]

    Hey, paws! So, here is the deal. I want to open commissions soon, but I have some difficulties with pricing, since I have awful sense of time and I literally don't know, how much time I spend on drawings. Also, I want to build up a proper portfolio. So, I open 7 commission slots with quite...
  11. fhaenart

    Commissions open! Check it out!

    (Pencil) - head/bust shots for 5$ - half body for 7$ - 3/4 body for 10$ - full body for 13$ (Ink) - head/bust shot for 8$ (simple color background +2$) - half body for 13$ (simple color background +4$) - 3/4 body for 16$ (simple color background +5$) - Full body for 18$ (simple color background...
  12. Farren

    Custom Traditional Art, Prices Starting at $20

    Hello there! I'm currently open for traditional art commissions. You don't have to have them shipped to you if you do not want them to be. However, if you do, please add an additional charge of $6.15 USD. I do badges! Headshot badges are $20 each Ambigram badges are $25 each Black &...