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traditional art

  1. C

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Pencil 2-Colour Commissions ($15-$20)

    (NSFW ART EXAMPLES) SLOTS:0/3 Hello! I offer 3 commissions, done with pencils, in 2 colours (red and blue unless discussed otherwise.) I can do either SFW or nudity but nothing more extreme than my 2nd example. Payment on PayPal after initial sketch, no correction after the sketch. Prices...
  2. tamako_does_art

    i'm new here so have an old art dump! (digital)

    hey there i'm new on the furafinnity sites (this and the art one) so i haven't posted anything yet but i have some old digital art laying around, hope you guys like it uwu. also since i'm new i don't have friends here so feel free to message me to chat if you want uwu. oh yeah and my coms are...
  3. TheSushiOwl

    Free Art: Traditional Art Headshots (Closed While Work Through List)

    Closed for now, please do not post. Hello! I am offering headshots done with Copic markers~ I have also been known to use colored pencils and paint pens if the subject calls for it. Here's an example! Who knows how my style may have changed? Done for 0tterpop before the forums died earlier...
  4. Ringebell

    Art for Pokemon

    I'm in the mood to draw some busts and get some legendary and shiny Pokemon on my Ultra Moon edition, so why not combine those two? For a Tier 1 or a shiny you get a sketch Bust. For a Tier 2 or a shiny of Tier 1 you will get a flatcolour Bust. For a shiny of Tier 2 you will get a shaded Bust...
  5. Ringebell

    Free Art: Art Block (closed)

    I have an art block and no idea what to draw, so I'm taking some requests. Rules: - give me a ref (unshaded fullbody is enough) or Toyhouse link - may accept a description for very simple characters - no underage or canon characters - no hyper proportions please - give me an idea of want you...
  6. Punk_M0nitor

    Pen Illustration Appreciation Thread

    Exactly what it sounds like: a thread for pen illustrations! If you like, feel free to tell everyone what kind of pen you used, how long it took you, link your FA page... whatever you see fit These are mine! I'm unsure of how long they took me, since I don't often record my traditional art...
  7. Ringebell

    Free Art: Insects and Arachnids

    I wanna draw some insects and arachnids because I love these fellows. ^^ So if you have a character that fits leave them here. Also tell me if you would be okay with NSFW. I don't really plan on drawing some but I don't know when the mood hits, so I'm holding my options open.
  8. Z

    Working on a mural, show me your traditional art as well!

    So for a couple of days i've been working on and off on this mural. It's a self portrait along with my favorite monster from Monster Hunter. I need to work on his horns more, like add the details and such. Later on i'll work on constructing a switch axe to go hung up on the wall. Mediums ...
  9. cawwa

    (Commission) Selling: Realistic B&W ink ferals $10-20

    I'm selling traditional art commissions in this black and white pen style. I'm in quarantine right now so I can reply very quickly and produce a piece within several days :) Contact me if you're interested! <3
  10. 2deek

    A quick character sketch for my comic NAPD

  11. Cottonwood

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional Art ($15-$23)

    Things are weird in the world currently so I am opening up commissions to get through these times. Prices: $15 for a full body ($20 with color) Shipping within the US is $3, if you're international, we can come up with something! Payment is through PayPal only, if your country does not have...
  12. shirogu5

    Working on a comic: Looking for your opinion

    Hello everyone! Currently I am working on a comic series called Eziagoth. This series takes place in a dark fantasy world inspired from celtic and scandinavian folklore and mythology. The continent Dawnmoore starts to plunge in a big war between the different tribes and civilisations that...
  13. Ringebell

    Hiring: Closed ^^

    Heyho, like you probably guessed from the title, I'm looking for an artist who can make a traditional badge. It should either be a half- or fullbody, cell or soft shaded and laminated. The badge is for my sona Ringebell in his first outfit on the ref. Some general info: - I prefer Toony...
  14. B

    Free Art: Looking to Draw Your Fursona (closed, tell me if I owe you art)

    Hey, just to start, my username used to be Healed Hearts and was once also Benevolent Mage. I had some requests that I did not start. I am so sorry. Please contact me if I owe you art. I'm looking to draw some fursonas on here. I have 3 slots open, not including the owed artwork. I will...
  15. Ringebell

    Free Art: Blind Dates (open)

    I'm really motivated to draw and want to do something for Valentine's Day but I'm very single. So I'm gonna set up some blind dates for my characters. ^^ To participate please fill out: Name: Gender: Sexuality: Age: SFW/NSFW: Idea: Ref/Toyhouse: (if you attach more than one image please use...
  16. rembrandt_van_squid

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions (sfw/nsfw) $5-$100+ Please take a look!

    Hello friends! I like to draw, and I can make drawings with fineliners/copic markers/acrylic paint. Then I'll usually do some digital cleanup for a nicer, smoother look. I am willing to try anything, so just pm and ask. :3 The turnaround time is dependent on my RL as I'm working and studying...
  17. furfeatherfin

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional art headshots, white or transparent backgrounds $15-19

    Ink and watercolor headshots. Delivered as digital files only. jpeg (white background, $15) or png (transparent background, $19) Must provide a detailed description of your character/sona's colors, markings, accessories, etc, as well as your desired facial expression. If you are interested in...
  18. bluezcherry

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional Comic Commissions - 25-65USD

    I'm doing ink and marker comic commissions!! :D these are base prices, so they’re adjustable depending on the page. I hope the FAQ isn't too confusing for people. email is differentjasper@gmail.com, or just message me here on the forum ^v^ examples in higher quality: strip 1, strip 2, small...
  19. Stacy Fabre

    (Commission) Selling: Selling Conceptual/ Commission Based Art (Starting at $50 - $200)

    Greetings! I'm new around these parts and am a scalie myself. I thought I'd offer my services to folx out there who want fursonas/ conceptual work with background/ dynamic poses/ stylized backgrounds etc. I'm a pretty versatile artist and here's a sample piece I whipped up in about 5 hours...
  20. XxSkyressxX

    Free Art: Free Art Requests!! [NSFW/SFW accepted]

    I'm currently in college and in need of some money from commissions. I'll be honest I haven't drawn furries in eons so I would love the practice and create a bit of a portfolio for when I actually charge for commissions. By requesting art, please note that I intend to use my art as an example...