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traditional commission

  1. Horrordragon-XX66

    (Commission) Selling: Anyone wants a Pin-up of their OC's

    Hey everyone, I'm a traditional artist looking for some work. I only take payment through Paypal and Stripe. So here are my prices: No Background-$3.00 Examples: Halloween 20 Witch- Twilight Sparkle XXXmas 20 Peppermint Babes- Darth Talon ⭕.Simple Background-$4.00 Examples: Halloween 21...
  2. 555

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $5 commissions!!

    Hi! I'm not sure what happened to my other thread but my name is ant and I'm offering human or furry or anthro art commissions for only five dollars a piece! It'll be in a sketchy style with accents of watercolor, and can be a headshot or even full body if you want to! I have some examples on my...
  3. adiostama

    ◣ adiostama's Art Shop ◢ (Traditional + Icons! + Adoptables )

    ▶ ▷ CURRENTLY ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS ◀ ◁ ۰ • ● Furaffinity Gallery ● • ۰ More Commission Options will be Added Soon! Prices May Change in the Future RULES: 1. Any Gender 2. Any Species 3.Mild NSFW allowed 4. Must Have a Reference Click Each Image for FA Posting
  4. ChaiChai2017

    Commissions are open (artworks digital/traditional, SFW, feral/anthro creatures) - 5 slots

    I opened 5 slots for commissions. If you want one or have some questions, feel free to Note me on my FA page or DeviantArt page . I draw: any fantastic creatures (dragons and gryphons are favorite), animals, anthro I can try: Humans/human-like faces, mechanical creatures, fanart, simple...
  5. SatynaPaperArts

    Warrior. Oil YCH open. SB:50$

    Hi! Oil YCH open! More information and bids here: www.furaffinity.net: Veins of trees. YCH open! by SatynaPaper And information about my oil YCHs: www.furaffinity.net: About my oil YCHs. by SatynaPaper
  6. Ladyreha

    Offering traditional and digital portraits

    The lowest price is for less detail a plain head shot The portraits can be done side view or head on Added details will be things like Flowers, jewelry, costume, jewels chunks of crystal, Ect. Please contact me with questions or if your interested in making a purchase :)
  7. SatynaPaperArts

    Necromancer. Oil YCH open.

    Information- www.furaffinity.net: Necromancer. Oil YCH open. by SatynaPaper
  8. SatynaPaperArts

    pet portrait commissions! Traditional +shipping

    Hi, guys! If you are interested, write a comment or a note on FA- Userpage of satynapaper -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  9. SatynaPaperArts

    Fast sketch commissions. 5-20$

    More informations here- www.furaffinity.net: The commission sketches are open by SatynaPaper
  10. Emmaelou

    Traditional Badges

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd post here displaying the various traditional badges I am open for making! I hope that you'll find my prices fair, and I'm even willing to haggle a certain amount for you to be able to get the badge you'd like! (For anything 18+ I do require some form of proof to...
  11. SatynaPaperArts

    Archer. Oil YCH auction. (NSFW)

    Female or herm. ANY species! Material- oil on canvas. Size- 40x60 cm. SB: 60$ AB: 200$ BID HERE- www.furaffinity.net: Archer. YCH auction open! by SatynaPaper Colour example:
  12. HannaGreenList

    Open Card Commissions

    PORTRET Available at this moment! Head-shot 15 USD Extra: super super detailed design ~up 25$ !AGREEMENT! * Personal use ONLY! DON'T remove my signature and DON'T use it for print-selling! I appreciate if you give a link on my page. If you want use a commission-picture for commercial...
  13. K

    Traditional Badge Commissions

    Hello! I've developed a new style of traditional con-badge I'm quite happy with and now I'm offering them for sale! Badge measures roughly 4.5" x 4.5", and will be laminated / lanyard-ready! Further details are on my FurAffinity page: www.furaffinity.net: Sample - Traditional Badge by...
  14. corrigan

    $10 b&w full body (human/anthro; 3 slots open)

    hey everyone i'm fairly new here so i'm testing the waters with this! i'm offering full-body, black and white traditionally inked pieces for ten dollars (digital options will be added once i get my new tablet pen). you can see examples and my rules/tos below. thanks for checking me out, have a...
  15. NinaTheRedPanda

    Cheap traditional commissions! .50$ - 2.50$

    Hey guys! I'm new to posting here so I apologize about any mistakes I make. Anyhow here's my sheet! Shipping is included. The extras are as follows! EXTRA EXTRA!! Extra character +.50$ per extra BUNDLES Double duo bundle - Get two of your choices in any combination you like with up to 2...
  16. Auburn.Tale

    Badges, Keychains, Magnets with FREE Shipping!

    Commissions are open!! Bookmark - $5.00 Magnet - $6.00 Magnets (3 pack) - $12.00 Magnets (6 pack) - $24.00 Mini Badge / Keychain -$6.00 Mini (3 pack) - $12.00 Mini (6pack) - $24.00 Headshot Lineart - $9.00 Headshot Colored - $12.00 Additional Costs...