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  1. cosmo-cat

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) DISCOUNT HQ Copic Badges & More!

    Hello All! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted. Hope everyone is doing alright :) I am offering a discounted rate for my traditional copic marker artwork- badges are $30 instead of $40, large illustrations are $40 instead of $50, pages are $50 instead of $65. (I’ll explain down below what that...
  2. Ringebell

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Quick Sketches SFW/NSFW

    Headshot Halfbody Chibi Fullbody Uncolored €5 €10 €10 €15 Colored €8 €15 €15 €20 These have a short turnaround and will mostly be finished in 1-2 days but can take up to a week if it’s a group picture. Very complex designs could cost more. I can make them traditionally or digital. I can...
  3. blackquestant

    Selling (+ $10 ) Commissions Digital and Traditional

    ✧DONT'S: ✧loli/shota/underage ✧ Non-con ✧Wendig*s ✧Scat NOTE ME ON FA OR COMMENT TO CLAIM PAYPAL ONLY My FA userpage : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blackquestant/
  4. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Commission) Selling: 2021 Reference Sheet Pricelist: $22-$256

    FULL-SIZED VERSION: https://sta.sh/016z7u520tkg Notes: - Final artwork(s) can be used for commercial use by individuals or independant/emerging companies. - If you need your commission to be large-format, let me know when making your requests, as this may affect the prices. - Refined and...
  5. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Commission) Selling: 2021 Commission Pricelist: $6-$240+

    Notes: - Final artwork(s) can be used for commercial use by individuals or independant/emerging companies. - If you need your commission to be large-format, let me know when making your requests, as this may affect the prices. - If you want something specific that's not listed here, just ask...
  6. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Pencil 2-Colour Commissions ($15-$20)

    (NSFW ART EXAMPLES) SLOTS:0/3 Hello! I offer 3 commissions, done with pencils, in 2 colours (red and blue unless discussed otherwise.) I can do either SFW or nudity but nothing more extreme than my 2nd example. Payment on PayPal after initial sketch, no correction after the sketch. Prices...
  7. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Advent 4: Silhouette Adopts 226-250 [6/25 OPEN] $6.25 ea

    226. Bought by Aurora-Mandeville (DeviantArt) 227. Available 228. Available 229. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 230. Available 231. Bought by Aurora-Mandeville (DeviantArt) 232. Available 233. Bought by Aurora-Mandeville (DeviantArt) 234. Available 235. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 236...
  8. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Advent 5: Silhouette Adopts 201-225 [8/25 OPEN] $6.25 ea

    201. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 202. Bought by Artificiallybitter (DeviantArt) 203. Available 204. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 205. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 206. Available 207. Available 208. Available 209. Available 210. Available 211. Bought by Aurora-Mandeville (DeviantArt)...
  9. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Advent 6: Silhouette Adopts 176-200 [12/25 OPEN] $6.25 ea

    176. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 177. Available 178. Available 179. Bought by Stagdudls (DeviantArt) 180. Bought by Artificiallybitter (DeviantArt) 181. Available 182. Available 183. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 184. Available 185. Available 186. Bought by Aurora-Mandeville (DeviantArt)...
  10. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Advent 7: Silhouette Adopts 151-175 [11/25 OPEN] $6.25 ea

    151. Bought by Stagdudls (DeviantArt) 152. Bought by Aurora-Mandeville (DeviantArt) 153. Available 154. Bought by 600k (DeviantArt) 155. Bought by Oneironym (DeviantArt) 156. Bought by SuCrowSe (Fur Affinity) 157. Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) 158. Bought by Winterenefelde (DeviantArt) 159...
  11. impendingsenseofdoom

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Emergency Sale! $15 Traditional Drawings

    Hey there, I'm offering $15 Traditional Sketch Commissions for a very limited time! Starting today and ending on 11/16 Here's a list of the type of drawings I'll do and some stipulations I'll do SFW and NSFW I will add some color to simple designs, more complex ones will be black and white...
  12. Ambriel

    (Commission) Selling: Discounted Commissions [Now thru November 26th- Prices Starting at $20]

    Now through November 26th, If you order an illustration with horror, halloween themes, monsters, blood/gore, or anything autumn focused you get the following discounts: Cel-shaded and copic drawings get 10% off Digital paintings get 15% off. I'll draw anything aside from intentionally...
  13. windblade

    (Commission) Selling: Digital & Traditional Commissions (NSFW friendly) [5$-50$]

    ♦ Rules: ♦ - Prices are per character - Payment through PayPal - Once I am finished, I will provide you a watermarked preview and invoice you. Once the invoice has been paid, I will send you the unmarked, full size file! - Inform me if you do not want me to upload the finished product anywhere...
  14. Ambriel

    (Commission) Selling: HUMAN/FERAL/ANTHRO Colored+Shaded commissions Starting at $10

    Sure, I'm down. Please contact me on any of these sites, as I seldom use the forums: DeviantArt https://deviantart.com/following-the-rabbit Twitter ⚜️The Rabbit Follower⚜️ (@RabbitFo11ower) on Twitter Furaffinity https://furaffinity.net/user/ambriel/
  15. Red Marshall

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW Commissions - $5 - $30

    Hey guys! I lost my job due to Covid-19 and recently had to pay for some expensive motorcycle repairs. I thought it would be a good time to post my commission info here because I have a few bills coming up. I draw any gender/species, NSFW, pet portraits, and I also design hand-lettered logos...
  16. Olivitree

    (Commission) Selling: Giant charity canvas commission auction! SB was £70

    I'm holding an auction for a GIANT canvas commission, mixed media. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Donate - Secret World Wildlife Rescue Which is the chosen charity of Confuzzled 2020 (virtual edition). The canvas is 1 by 1.5 metres. I specialise in...
  17. hyaenida

    (Commission) Selling: Art-RPG and Character Portraits (starting at 5$)

    Hello! I'm a self taught artist who offers commissions to get through university! I don't really have a presence on furaffinity I just watch and fav there, but you can look for examples of my art on my deviantart account. Bear in mind that it's mostly filled with Art-RPG content, which is kept...
  18. impendingsenseofdoom

    B&W Doodle Page for $20!

    Due to everything going on right now I wanted to offer another special. Black and White doodle pages for $20! This means 4 to 5 fullbody doodles of you character, your choice of pose/clothing/expression/style. These will all be done traditionally (pencil and black ink) The examples I have are...
  19. 2deek

    A quick character sketch for my comic NAPD

  20. shirogu5

    Working on a comic: Looking for your opinion

    Hello everyone! Currently I am working on a comic series called Eziagoth. This series takes place in a dark fantasy world inspired from celtic and scandinavian folklore and mythology. The continent Dawnmoore starts to plunge in a big war between the different tribes and civilisations that...