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  1. .wav

    Man I wish this was an actual anime!

  2. HistoricalyIncorrect

    Show me the trailers! I dare you!

    We all know that the good game is an art! But without a good trailer how would you be convinced to buy this art? Show me your favourite trailers! I will start! And you say history is boring?
  3. Lord_Tristem

    Looking to hire an artist for a trailer

    We are Retox Productions a newly formed group of artists in the process of putting out an Audio Drama series written by our dear friend Shin Shin. We are currently looking for an artist to do some sketches for a short 1 minute trailer for our project. This is a short term project since we...
  4. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons Be Trailer

    Hey guys! New to the forums! Check out the trailer for my game Dragons Be! Follow the link below!