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transformation story criticism

  1. sausy1

    Critique - My very simple TF story outline

    This is the story of a student named Daryl who is expected to cast a simple spell on himself and write an essay on his experiences. He picks a spell that gives him a lizard tail. The story is called "My Glorious Bastard Tail" or something like that. I think the title does a good job at...
  2. sausy1

    How to describe a slow transformation

    I would like to start writing TF stories, and I have an outline ready for one. It's a story where the transformation lasts several days and comes in stages. The stages are very slow and patient, but I can't seem to adequately describe it without it feeling rushed, bloated, or repetitive. So, how...
  3. Iflyte

    [Critique and general advice requested] The Metroid's Song (NSFW)

    Hi guys, as you can imagine, the story I've written takes place in the metroid universe and is also quite smutty, definitely NSFW and featuring a number of out of the ordinary kinks. www.furaffinity.net: The Metroid's Song by iflyte A Brief Description: The Metroid's song is a complete...
  4. Gwayne

    Critique: Posted my first TF story

    This is the first story I’ve ever posted on FA. I’d like some criticism. The story in Question: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32987388/
  5. K9Lupus

    [Critique Requested] "Wolf Boy" An Upcoming Novel

    Hello everyone, I wanted to extend an invitation and request to each of you to take the time to read over and critique my main writing project, "Wolf Boy": "Wolf Boy" follows the journey of a girl named Nylca who finds solace exploring the woods around her home to escape from the tension of a...
  6. F

    What works, and what didn't, in this TF story?

    I tried working on a restart of my Furry Mokushiro story, trying to make it better by steamlining some thing I had issues first time around. Thing is this did not feel, right, and wanted to redo the entire thing again. But before hand I wanted to get a fresh pair of eyes on what I had written...