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  1. eddyisnthere

    Other Trans/Non-binary furries?

    Hey! I'm trying to meet more trans/Non-Binary folks to talk to. I'm Trans masc Non-Binary [They/Them] [Also if this is the wrong thread to post this or theres already one that exists please let me know I'm not use to the forums, i looked around and there didn't seem to be one.]
  2. FlooferWoofer

    Hiring: ($100+) Artist with TF experience for a short nsfw furry MtF sequence. Budget is 200 USD.

    Hello. -^w^- I landed a new jerb a few weeks ago and it's that time again for me to treat myself to the occasional commission. As the title reads, I need an artist who: -Has done transformation before and can show me an example so I have a rough idea of what I'm getting. Really can't stress...
  3. anonfoxer

    [Long Form RP][TransF4F][CLOSED]Sort of steampunk apocalypse type deal. (18+, Story Driven)

    Hello! Im looking for a one on one story driven roleplay, set in a universe where everything is very steam/cyberpunk ish, the world has fallen apart, and a government once democratic and fair has fallen into corruption and oppression as they mishandle every bit of the apocolypse, now leaving a...
  4. J

    Transgender Wisdom Request

    I recently posted to a thread regarding transgender users of the forum, but as it doesn't seem to be super active and I'd like to discuss something in private, I decided to make my own thread to request something. If you're transgender, your wisdom may help me figure something out. Please send...
  5. fuzzypen

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Witch Cat Alex w/ Background story $90

    Adopt Details Build: Custom Original Name: Witch Cat Alex Description: Having been born and raised male, Alex runs away to join a magic school for talented young witches in hopes she might uncover a spell that could change her future. Unfortunately, keeping her secret is harder than she thought...
  6. F

    Need an nsfw artist

    heya, I just recently started to transition into a female. I’d like to get some nsfw art of my fursona. I want it to be very special. I’m looking at having my fursona looking down at her chest as her boobs grow for the first time ^^ telegram me @Fluffzfolf. If any artist is available. Budget is...
  7. Conseqq

    Request: Transitioning Bull

    Hey, all! So, I've been kind of keeping this whole thing on the down-low, mainly because I was still discovering myself, and learning to accept myself, aswell. Now, however, I've gotten comfortable enough to finally say, and appreciate saying, that I plan to go through with transitioning into...
  8. foxpawmcfly

    New FA Genders undid all my previous submissions

    Firstly, I'm very glad to see that FA has added more options to the submission categories. However, since most of my 1000+ submissions were labeled as "Transgender", and that option was removed and replaced with "Transgender (Male)" and "Transgender (Female)", now the vast majority of my...
  9. Morbid Sanity

    So I found out I'm MtF Trans, what should my first step be?

    Besides coming out (which I've already done to select people) what should my first step be in committing to be mtf transgender. I'm not sure where to start.
  10. CupOfChamomile

    Transgender Children's Book

    this was for a school project ! It's a bit rushed as I only had 5 days to start and finish it, if I had had more time I would have added more pages and more detail. It was written in a way that would make it easier for children to understand, that is why the definition isn't super detailed and...
  11. Drenniethes


    hey steam summer sale is coming so i need some money to spend i'd like to offer you some of my artwork. highest ab is $50 so i think it doesn't cost very much, especially compared to other artists' ychs www.furaffinity.net: PINK SOFA YCH OPEN by Drenniethes www.furaffinity.net: UNLIMITED YOUR...
  12. J

    looking for help designing my furry.

    I am recently getting more and more into this and have been frequenting fur affinity and creeping post's. Awhile back I had asked for some help with my character but I don't think it fit me. I am now thinking I would be happier as an English lop or mini Rex bunny. I'll say a bit about me. I am...
  13. M

    Anyone up for a TF collab?

    It'll involve two people turning into husky anthros, one of which will TG. The trigger for which, will be caused by harnesses, tails, and any other form of furry clothing. Sex and implied preg will be involved.
  14. SouthTexasSammy

    Hey I need some help, and or impot on something rather personal.

    Okay... As some of you know I'm a Trans Male. I have been on HRT for the better part of 15 years. I am pre-op, meaning that I still have most of my "manufacturers equipment." I do not have ovaries any more thanks to Oophorectomy when I was 16 (unrelated to my transition) but aside from that I'm...
  15. SouthTexasSammy

    I need some help, but I don't know where to ask...

    Okay... As some of you know I'm a Trans Male. I have been on HRT for the better part of 15 years. I am pre-op, meaning that I still have most of my "manufacturers equipment." I do not have ovaries any more thanks to Oophorectomy when I was 16 (unrelated to my transition) but aside from that...
  16. B

    Shrew'd Fate on Patreon

    There is an interesting NSFW Pokemon TF comic made by an artist named Kaiizree called Shrew'd Fate. It's about a Pokemon trainer who transforms into a Sandshrew, and hi jinks ensue. Unfortunately, due to lack of money and time, he could not get this comic done. until a few months ago when he...
  17. V

    Seeking Experienced Artist for Transgender Fox Pinup

    I am seeking an artist for a mature full body pin-up of a new character, preferably in a digitally or traditionally painted style. The character is a transgender female silver fox, with some demonic touches- but not excessive ornamentation. I have a portfolio made up with text references for...