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  1. ben909

    trap the user below you

    a game idea were the top user sets a trap for other users, if you get stuck, commnet about the trap or how you would get out, if you manage to escape, set a new trap for the user below you i will start by posting a nee game idea in that should lure someone into this trap lets see how this goes
  2. Corney

    Corney Willson

    Hi! Name's Corney, I draw nsfw shemales, femboys, muscle men, sometimes girls and write hot stories! This is my page, I've got nice YCH stuff and do commissions Userpage of Corney -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Corney Willson is creating SEX pics & such 4 LEGAL BUTT... AGE ONLY | Patreon - this is...
  3. Ravofox

    Catch the furry above you

    Everyone got their furry hunting lincences? Good! Now we can commence! Simpily catch the furry above through whatever method you want, as long as it ensures a live catch - we have a strict catch and release policy:) Now, get up off your couches and get some air and exercise!:p
  4. Jack Steel

    YCH for sale, $5 for one slot $10 for both.

    DISLAIMER: This YCH is considered sexually explicit, adults only please. All the info for the YCH can be found here: www.furaffinity.net: Male or Female YCH Open! by jackthewolf6 If interested please contact me through Fur Affinity itself!
  5. darkboss

    Selling $5 mini-Artpack of Remi(NSFW)

    A few months back, I dropped the 7-image collection of my femboi bear Remi drawn in a chibi-fied design! At the time it was only $8. So, to keep some sort of funds coming in till I get my replacement tablet. To finish up and take in anymore commissions. I have reduced the image pack down to...
  6. kemo_the_kitty

    Heyo! I've made another song I'd like to have some criticism/opinions about it

    It's Trap, just saying before hand lol This is my second song that I release under the name of Kemo (yay). It actually took me too long to get it to a point where I liked everything from this song. But you know, I want see if something's missing or some tips :3. Any kind of support (sharing...
  7. schwa16

    cute furry adopts SET PRICE !lowered!

    ★Fluffy Creature Adopts★ www.furaffinity.net: SET PRICE adopts OPEN (price lowered) by schwa16 ★CHARACTER SHEETS★ 1st: www.furaffinity.net: ref sheet by schwa16 2nd: www.furaffinity.net: ref sheet by schwa16 3rd: www.furaffinity.net: ref sheet by schwa16 ★SET PRICE: $20 each★...
  8. F

    (NSFW) LF Refrence Sheet $65 budget

    Looking for someone to help create my fursona, A cotton Candy themed Sheep Femboy. Budget is $65, Thanks for your time :).