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  1. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Request: Birthday Art!?

    Tomorrow be my 1st Birthday here on FAF! If anyone wants to draw me for practice, kicks, out of boredom.............you can! B Day themed, kinky, with your OC'S...............anything works! Ideas are on my User Page! Userpage of TrevorTheBlueSquirrel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Thanks very...
  2. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Possible Art Commission, anyone want in!? ( Open Again! )

    ( Please scroll down 2 the next big post 4 new details! ) I'm considering hitting up an artist on DA and FA for an art commission, this guy! 61021376 | DeviantArt Userpage of sheds -- Fur Affinity [dot] net He does mainly underwear and bondage pics, which is the subject I'd be going for...
  3. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Request: Holiday Sona Art?

    Happy Holidays to you all! I'd like to suggest that if anyone here would like to draw me, Trevor, with their OC's, that't be lovely! Whether holiday themed, wholesome, or kinky, I'd love to see anything you can doodle up! I would like to post any art that features me in my own gallery, and...
  4. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Late Introduction!

    I've realized that I never made an introduction post! I really meant to, really! Anyway, forget the negatives you've learned about me, and pretend I just got here! Or, tell me I'm great! I know you'll be embellishing!