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  1. Nexus Cabler

    Wow, That's Interesting

    I'm wanting to make a miscellaneous thread dedicated to us sharing anything fascinating or cool that we know/find on the internet. This includes photos, stories, facts, trivia, art. Anything that you can find. I'll be contributing myself using examples I find from a telegram channel I'm in...
  2. Rap Daniel


    I'll post which one is correct in a week! Choose wisely! You can't change your mind!
  3. Punk_M0nitor

    Fun Facts About Your Species

    Self-explanatory: fun facts about your fursona's species! They can be cool, creepy, cute, gross... anything you find noteworthy or interesting enough to share. This includes original species! I'll go first: Lace monitors are arboreal and the second largest monitor lizard species in Australia...
  4. Guifrog

    Country curiosities

    Seems every new post idea of mine for the Useless Facts thread turns out to be a Brazilian fact, so I thought I'd give this theme a more specific place. Feel free to share any quirk about your home land here. :>
  5. Fuzzylumkin

    Trivia time!!

    I want to play a game *jigsaw voice* How about trivia? I'll start out with first question.... Dun dun dun.... What is the word for when you stretch and yawn at the same time? There is an official word for it... When you have the answer posted, go ahead and post the next trivia question of...