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  1. Mr_Squeebz

    Childhood friend trope

    So I’ve started doing a ‘hanging out with your childhood friend’ series, there’s only two so far but hopefully I’ll start doing more as one or two people had said they liked the look of the character. But here’s a question for y’all do you think the trope is overdone or would you want to see...
  2. Miles Marsalis

    Is Furry Fiction Science Fiction or Fantasy By Default?

    I've read some fiction with anthropomorphic characters over the past few months, both house-published or self-published, and realized that all of the titles are filed under science fiction and fantasy. However, in the self-published furry fiction I've read, the stories would largely be...
  3. ChapterAquila92

    Transformation Story Tropes and Clichés

    As a writer of transformation-themed literature for over a decade, I've made it an occasional habit of looking through what other TF writers have produced and uploaded over the years, in large part to see what I can do to improve my own writing. Suffice to say however, I've become rather...
  4. Corrupt-Canine

    Anyone here like to talk about tropes?

    If you don't know what tropes are, they're basically ideas and common writing seen in all media, writing, and entertainment. about. By the way, they're helpful to look at if you want ideas of what to write and do. Have any you'd like to talk about? Haven any that you hate? It could probably be...