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trouble ticket

  1. Lorel

    Proper report button/system

    Trouble tickets are annoyingly difficult to write - having a report button right by a picture would make this far less annoying to do.. I found at least 10 reminders today that were for NSFW content in the SFW section. And reporting them one by one is tedious. So please do it like other sites...
  2. F

    Corrupt admin behavior.

    Is there no actual way to report such things? I get insta-suspended if I even try to use the trouble ticket system, and the email doesn't seem to go to someone else, as I get an instant reply that they agree with the suspension. Feels like they are either all corrupt, or I'm being harassed by...
  3. R

    Noob here. Description on post needs changes.

    Howdy! Name's Raul, as you can see on my nickname. I'm new to FurAffinity and I recently uploaded artwork that included a mini-story. Now I don't know if this is the form where you ask for support, but I'm still gonna ask y'all: How can I edit my description? Reason's cause there's some...
  4. Ciderfine

    Trouble ticket and speed

    I know this may be basic, but how can one speed of the process of having an admin solve an issue with spam, harassment and hateful content. I know no one wants to wait 3 weeks to finally have hateful, racist, or homophobic content finally removed on FA. Is there a vetting system or something to...
  5. Woofstep

    How long does it take for a trouble ticket to be answered?

    I went to dispute a mature lock now that I am over 18, but it has been 10 days in counting and I haven't received any responses. So I'm just curious now, how long does it take for a trouble ticket to be answered so I know how long I should wait for a response?