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  1. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

  2. MrCHGrey

    Accessing FA from external links logs me out

    Hey everyone, i got a bit of a problem here. Anytime i access FA from a link, be it my bookmarks or a friend sending me something, i see the linked page like i was logged out, even if i have another tab open where i'm logged in. As soon as i click "Login" in the upper right corner, i land on...
  3. daeofthepast

    Can't login to forums on my computer???

    I put my username and password and the page does a small quirk refresh, but nothing changes. The button to login/signup is still there and I'm not signed in. :0 It can't be wrong password or anything because I can log in on my phone (it's what I'm on right now)
  4. furryfilth

    How to get your pictures to not be sideways?

    A couple of recent sketches I posted to FA are sideways, and I'm sure it's got something to do with size, but I'm not good with computer stuff. Someone tell me how to make them right side up?
  5. Wisupi

    Help with Uploading Gifs?

    Hi there! I'm a new FurAffinity user and I wanted to upload a couple of gifs onto my page but it really hasn't been working out for me. Whether I set a thumbnail picture for my gif or not, the first image you see is a really broken, glitched up still image. The gif plays when it's fullsized and...