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  1. RoboticFreeze

    "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" Tabletop RPG 18+

    Hello. I know title would assume "Next FATAL wannabe" but before you stop reading let me try to interest you. "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" was created in the middle of creating another RPG. It was a normal fantasy setting, but we joked around we could add some NSFW elements. Not everyone was...
  2. D

    What would you like from a furry table top roleplaying game?

    Hey everyone! So I am a TTRPG designer who keeps seeing lots of games come through Kickstarter and elsewhere that feature dogs and cats and other animals, and they do really well. I can't help but think that the furry community probably helps support these games, but they aren't really furry...
  3. frizzled

    Pokemon RP/ttrpg/interest groups

    Hi! I was wondering if folks here knew of any pokemon RP/ttrpg/interest groups to join/check out. I'm not so much of a player, but I have always been a fan of pokemon and like to do arts of them! Looking to do more arts as well (SFW only). Example of my work! (A wip) Anyways, if you do know...