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  1. Tubs

    NSFW Telegram Stickers/ Reference Sheet for my Panda Tubs

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for NSFW telegram or telegram-like stickers (Lewd stickers, nudity (genitals and such), interacting with a YCH (NSFW), having sex with a YCH u///u. Reference sheet (SFW or NSFW) [At least a front and back side, able to add description (things like name, little features...
  2. Q

    a really tubby maine coon

    hello everyfur! I was hoping a kind artist could help me out by drawing my ideal fursona. my character's a maine coon cat, she's dark grey with bubblegum pink markings. picture a swirling striped pattern on her belly. she's really tubby. hoping someone is willing to help me out. also, i'm...