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  1. W

    Could anybody teach me how to create a fursona?

    Hello community, I have joined recently and I am lost in this topic of creating my fursona. I really do not know very well what to do in the situation in which I find myself and I am looking for someone to help me and guide me, because there are people here who have a lot of experience. I...
  2. Siinna

    Advice: Markings/pattern help?

    Heyo woofers (not sure if this should be here or in the fursona part of the forums eh...) Advice: how do you come up with markings/patterns for your fursona? (Im in The process of redesigning mine for 2021 but Im s t u c k on what markings she ll have... Any tips? Colorpalette is already...
  3. Hitaka5Ever

    Need help with dragons

    Hello, a bit of a backstory. For 2020, I learned to draw cats. Well for 2021, I would like to learn to draw dragons and I could use some help finding good references. Right now, I want to learn how to draw bodies that twist around to make a loop effect. I figured the best way to get reference...
  4. Angel_patoo

    some tips for create your fursuit

    Hello there! how are you? ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ I'm a fursuit makeur, and I want to share with you some tips for your fursuit hihi! 1: for the hair, you can brush the faux fur with a cat brush on both sides (front / back) so the stitches on the back will be hidden by the fur, and this effect is perfect for...
  5. Sorang

    Tutorial: Video Tutorial: How to draw a cat

    didinossauro on Twitter asked me for a help on drawing a cat. So I made a video for Didinossauro who has been interacting with me quite frequently! I hope it will help him and also others those need help with drawing a cat. You will be able to learn why you should be aware of the structure of...
  6. P

    How to commission art for absolute beginners?

    OK, so I'm 100% new to this so I'm going to need an idiot's tutorial because I honestly have absolutely no clue how to do this, i.e. how to find artists open for commission, how to pick an artist out of the tens of thousands that exist, how to know what kind of art you want, how to contact them...
  7. E

    Fursuit eyebrows

    Hey guys I need some help with adding eyebrows to a already furried fursuit head like, the head is all furried and I would like to know if there's a technique or something to attach eyebrows without taking off the already glued fur. (Just need to fix my fursuit head)
  8. snizard

    Need help for hands

    Hello I'm very bad at drawing hands. It's very difficult for me drawing them. Could you give me some tips and tutorials? Thanks
  9. CertifiedCervine

    Tacoma’s T-shirt Tutorial!

    Did you know it’s possible to make T-shirt’s from home? Like this? It certainly is! A very neat thing to do I’ve learned! I’ll take you through the steps! —— Supplies needed: Blank Cotton T-shirt, Paint(screen printer ink recommended!!!), Freezer paper (1 wax sided) Exactoknife (recommended) or...
  10. N

    How do I draw?

    I'm pretty bad at drawing. I want to draw a lot of things but I see how bad I am and give up in the end. Anyone know about a website or video series that can teach me?
  11. SevenArms

    I made a new speed paint video

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome :)
  12. bunnynoah

    Tips on drawing fat on digitigrade legs?

    As the title says, I've been looking for a helpful tutorial on digitigrade legs that also teaches how to distribute fat on them. After a few hours of searching, I was able to find this, but only this: shinxip.deviantart.com: 2016-06-07 Digitigrade Study If anyone can help with this, I would be...
  13. Archon

    Resident Evil 6 - Mechanics Guide

    Steam Community :: Guide :: Resident Evil 6 Basic and Advanced Mechanics Trying to get this guide out to as many people as I can. The game doesn't really clue in the player on how to put everything in 6 together, but it can lead to some great scenarios when done properly. Such as this for...
  14. M

    hey I'm offering anatomy critiques/redlines

    Just joined the forum and already had a nice experience helping someone with anatomy. Kinda want to do more of that if anybody else wants some help. I enjoy nerding out about all types of anatomy study - human, anthro, animal, hybrid species, whatever... Pretty new to FA too but here's some...
  15. Mr. Beaver

    Tutorial de Acuarelas!

    Hola a todos, estoy empezando a subir un taller de acuarela para a quien le interese aprender paso a paso, ¡un abrazo! P.
  16. furryfilth

    How to draw Dutchies?

    I've been experimenting with my DAD Tofu and I'm wondering if anyone knows of quick shape bases (circles and lines and shit) for drawing anthro dutchies? I can manage the heads pretty well from the side with two circles but I have a hard time proportioning the shoulders and arms. Any advice is...
  17. DumbDeerGurl

    A video to consider watching

    I really like this guy, he may be a bit weird to some, but he has some really interesting opinions on drawing.
  18. DumbDeerGurl

    For those who are struggling with their first costume.

    Here are some YouTube channels I found that are dedicated to fursuits and fursuit making. www.youtube.com: Tsebresos www.youtube.com: Tiny Cutebug www.youtube.com: miss wolfiee www.youtube.com: MatricesOddity
  19. Y

    Sketchy art tutorial

    This is not to teach you how to draw. This is just an effect I like, and wanted to share. Best when used with pastels/blank. I recommend at least two overlapping lines. If you do it, show me! I'd love to see it. ^^