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tv series

  1. M

    Shows they should bring back or make a spin-off off.

    What shows does everyone think should be continued or have a spin-off off? I'd really like to see Swat Kats brought back since it only had 2 seasons and had an open ending with Turmoil. I'd also like to see the Battletech animated series fontinued since it ended with a cliffhanger after 1...
  2. Nihles

    Beastars Analysis! (spoilers warning)

    Conversation question: if you could become your Fursona, but in the Beastars setting where everyone is proportionally sized to everyone else, would you do it? I imagine many of our herbivore friends would not x3 So, I binged the new Netflix anime. I had just intended to watch one or two...
  3. FurryGuardian816

    My latest media excavation

    So I was surfing Youtube and just happened to run across some old & possibly forgotten media. Club Kiddoo: Dingo Dog & The Kangaroo: Monster Farm (Saban): The Mouse On The Mayflower: The Secret Files Of The Spy Dogs:
  4. the_wallflowers

    Check out this furry- themed show i'm working on!

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on an animated show that features furry characters. It's about a mute hyena, a cheerleader fox/ cat, and a lactose intolerant mouse. It's been super exciting to finally have the chance to work on it! Here's a link to our YouTube channel. We also have a chance...
  5. TidesofFate

    Legendary Entertainment acquires rights to Dune

    So Legendary Entertainment has the film and television rights to Dune now. Adaptation of the first Dune book #3, 2nd adaptations 2nd and 3rd books, and first times beyond those here we go. Assuming they get that far. I've read the book, watched the David Lynch movie, and saw the miniseries...
  6. C

    My Idea for the BBC's British Animated Cartoon TV Series "Brummington the Chipmunk"

    I've Pitched an Idea for an Kids-friendly Children-oriented British Animated Cartoon TV Series "Brummington the Chipmunk" produced in UK by Martin Gates Productions (MGP) Ltd for BBC Worldwide in association with the BBC, with Richard Pearce to voice Brummington the Chipmunk and Sophie Aldred to...