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tv shows

  1. MalGV

    Random Review of "House Broken" (FOX TV Show) (PDF)

    Hey folks, Ok, so I originally tried copying and pasting my review here from a Word Doc, not realizing there is a character limit. Silly me. So I included a PDF version of my review in the Attached Files. If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll try just try uploading the original. Sorry about...
  2. Raever

    Simplified Media [aka Tldr; media version]

    How the game works: Make a tldr (too long didn't read) version of any piece of media you like, try to keep it (relatively/loosely) accurate while still being amusing to the rest of us. For example... Romeo & Juliet Two dumb teenagers fall in love and make a suicide pact because their parents...
  3. pupsicle-c

    What's Your Favorite Kind of Genre?

    I'm mostly curious about movies, television shows, and short films. What kind of genre is most likely to catch your eye? Mystery? Horror? Romance? Action/Thriller(s)? Fantasy/Sci-Fi? I personally am a huge sucker for Romance and Mystery, with a side of Action/Thriller and maybe a dash of Horror!
  4. BaoBun

    Favourite Cartoons

    What’s everyones favourite cartoon? If you don’t watch cartoons what about tv shows or anime! My favourite cartoon definitely has to be sponge bob - I always watched it when I was younger and I find it an easy watch and usually have it as background noise :’)
  5. Corrupt-Canine

    Worst TV show you've ever seen?

    I'm talking about anything that is shown on television that you've seen. Animated or live action. Worst of the worst. Could be one or a tie. Lets hear them. Worst animated show for me is Mr. Pickles. Some Adult Swim show with probably the worst designs and style I've witnessed. I understand...
  6. the_wallflowers

    Check out some stuff we did for this new furry themed show!

    I'm currently working on an animated show that features furry characters. It's about a mute hyena, a cheerleader fox/ cat, and a lactose intolerant mouse. It's been super exciting to finally have the chance to work on it! Here's a link to our YouTube channel. We also have a chance to have your...
  7. JoeStrike

    "Furry Nation" publication date rapidly approaching!

    Furry Nation, my history of the fandom will be published as a Nook/Kindle eBook on September 10, then as a paperback on October 10. I've been working on this sucker on and off since 2008, give or take a year. Being a "greymuzzle" I was lucky enough to stumble into the fandom in 1988 when...