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  1. Y

    Twitter vs FA as an art platform: What's your opinion?

    Just writing a thread since I've noticed a so many artists on FA migrating to using Twitter exclusively. As someone who isn't an artist I prefer to use FA, mainly because it's easier to view someone's art, to follow their artwork and to find similar artists. Whereas Twitter is obviously a...
  2. JulesDaWolf

    Request: Twitter Profile Pic (and optional Twitter Banner)

    Hello! Currently, I am using my FA Forums account's profile pic as my Twitter account's profile pic. Would anyone like to create a new profile pic for my Twitter account plz? I would prefer that the profile pic is of my Sonic-styled fursona Jules Wolf...
  3. Hikarty

    Not sure what to do (sites and art)

    I've lately been quite fed up with twitter and instagram, which are the sites where I share my art the most (I left deviantART when it started to go down) but between awful cropping and quality, shitty algorithms, now the whole...NFT thing in which people on twitter can use your tweets without...
  4. B

    Making furry friends on Twitter?

    I'm thinking of making a furry Twitter account. After reading some articles on how to make friends on there, I'm under the impression that gaining attention isn't all about making posts; it's also engaging with/starting a discussion on other posts. I think I have that right. I don't care about...
  5. TheRabbitFollower

    Free Art: FREE Chibi art request raffle on Twitter + DeviantArt!

    Join both raffles, and get two chances to win! Here's the twitter link! Here's the dA link! https://www.deviantart.com/therabbitfollower/journal/Free-Chibi-Request-Raffle-862557626 And here are some examples of my past chibis!
  6. breakfastzone

    Free Art: Icon Raffle!

    Hi everyone! I'm hosting a raffle over on my Twitter for a free shaded bust icon! Examples of the artwork I'm offering: The raffle ends August 1st! It must be retweeted and you must be following me in order to quality to win. The winner will be chosen randomly via a generator. Good luck!
  7. Y

    Does anybody else find it annoying following artists on Twitter?

    With sites like Furaffinity you can check your watch list any time, which makes it easy to find any great art that you might of missed if you're gone for say a week or two. With Twitter, you have to constantly check your feed everyday to view new art or you might miss it, as the Twitter feed is...
  8. MillerFurry

    Need a help

    Recently registered on Twitter but absolutely do not know what to post there... I could post my furry art but I do it for a long time and no one will be interested in sitting for a week or more waiting to see my work. What can I use Twitter for? :(
  9. VX666

    FA on Twitter down?

    What happened to Furaffinity on twitter? Cant reply to them and everything seems stuck Fur Affinity (@furaffinity) on Twitter
  10. VX666

    twitter suddenly banning furries?

    Been using it for a few months then all of a sudden got deleted right after posting some photos ( g-rated, SFW ). Anyone else have this happen? Cant log in either
  11. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site A few suggestions

    User-suggested tags This is a feature that Inkbunny has and I think it'll help artists here on FA, too. User additions to the category list I think this would be a great addition. Of course, new additions would have to be reviewed by site staff to prevent spam. Share posts to Twitter Again...
  12. Wolfy_V


    Hey all, I'm hosting a free headshot raffle over on twitter! ^^^^^ You could get art like this for FREE uwu ^^^^^ Simply Click This Link to View the Raffle and Enter: Raffle ends Oct. 10th!
  13. breakfastzone

    Free Art: ART RAFFLE!

    Hey! I'm holding an art raffle over on my Twitter. All you have to do to enter is comment here (anything random works), follow my twitter and retweet the tweet! There will be multiple winners. First place receives a doodle page of up to 4 drawings, second place receives a bust shot, and if I...
  14. Xelwave

    Free Art: Free Twitter Raffle! Feel free to join ^w^

    *~~Hey there!~~* I’m holding a free twitter art raffle at the moment up until Aug 1st! :D Examples of my work: (Link to my FA for more examples ^^) You could be in with a chance to win a fullbody of your OC :3 and if we hit 100 RTs, a second winner will be chosen! <3 Please follow the...
  15. Zypter

    Free Art: Twitter raffle

    Hi there! I'm holding a raffle on my Twitter account, there are numerous prizes already and they can get even better with your help and support! It ends in May the 1st at midnight, check it out here and follow the steps to participate and make the prizes grow...
  16. chazzforte

    $25 portrait illustration sale

    hey. so long story short, i need to come up with money soon so i can move out and i need to do some commissions since my day job doesn't pay too much at the moment i'm willing to do full colored portrait illustrations. Since time is of the essence, i can't do anything TOO complex, and i can...
  17. bluezcherry

    Cheap/free art tools

    Not my thread, but I found it on twitter and it's really awesome, so I thought I'd share in case anyone hasn't seen it. Here you go :)
  18. Ratchetjak

    How do people build a following on Twitter? It seems impossible

    I've been on Twitter for about a year now and I haven't been able to really build a following or get much interaction with people on that site. I comment on artist's works I like trying to engage in conversation but I usually never really get responses. I've also tried sharing my art there and I...
  19. M

    Hey, Folks Twitter

    Hey, Folks Dose anyone have a twitter? If so let me know!
  20. Z

    Twitter vs. Facebook (Or Alternate Platforms for Exposure)

    Hey all! Really considering expanding to a new platform, and wanted to get opinions on which one to expand to. Twitter and Facebook seem to be two very popular ones, so I wanted to get advice from people that use them (preferably if you've used both). My motives (if this helps at all) are: 1)...