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  1. B

    Pokémon Fans Unite!

    If your character(s) were a pokémon in the pokémon universe, what canon type, ability, and moves would it have? You can make some up if you want to I guess. lol I'll update my OP when I think of some. Including an image of your character in your post would be great too! Edit: Name: Asher...
  2. Nihles

    Let your phone do the talking!

    Just as it says, respond to the poster above you using your mobile device's auto complete: type the first word of your sentence and choose when to end it. I have never tried this so hopefully we get some good ones. Going to get dinner with my mom and sister in Christ alone and I will not be...
  3. Guifrog

    Speak one thing, type another

    The poster above will write two sentences for you: one to be spoken, another one to be typed. Your goal is to do both actions at the same time and show us the results! User 1 Speak: Can skunks spank in Spanish? Type: Moronofox or Foxymoron? ----- User 2 Result: Moronofox ior Foxygnir? Speak...
  4. Recursive Sweatpants

    Suggestions For Browsing and Categorization Improvements

    As it is, FA's browsing system is functional but not very convenient when it comes to being specific with what you want to see and what you want to filter out. While the search feature somewhat makes up for this, it lacks a lot of functionality such as being able to search for gender, category...