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  1. Olivitree

    Ukfur forum - Uk based furry discussions and events! (open to non uk also)

    Hey all, I took over the running of what use to be one of the largest UK based furry fandom forums a year or so ago and have been renovating it and attempting to bring it back up to its former glory. It went quiet a few years ago due to staff absence so I took up the torch to push it forward...
  2. Lemlest

    Scotiacon 2018/2019 + Fur Meets

    Hey! I'm not sure how many UK furs we have here, but is anyone going to Scotiacon either this year or next (I know it's a long way off lmao)? I unfortunately can't go this year but I am hopefully going next year and it would be cool to meet up with some people! I know NO furries outside of this...
  3. Egg Squid Frog System

    UK mini meet near Coventry?

    Hi guys ^-^ I've recently been trying to find a bunch of local furries that would maybe wanna meet up every now and then (grab some food, play smth, have some fun without necessarily drinking etc) near Coventry? I'm a student and don't have a car yet so I can't travel too far hence I thought...
  4. Egg Squid Frog System

    UK meetup?

    Hi everyone :3 I've found this website and I'm wondering if it's ok to ask peeps on here if there's anyone in the UK (near Coventry/Leicester) who'd want to do a mini meet up every now and then? I've tried asking on FB and such but that did not work to say the least ;-; also I've heard there...
  5. M

    Ukfur (Admins or Mods)

    Hi! Just wondering if there are any admin or Moderators that are currently available on this forum and can drop me a PM please :3 Thanks Matohusky.