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under $20 usd

  1. MorgueBuddy

    €14 full body and €6 icons

    icons are 1000x transparent and full body is 1500px with background clothes are fine but i'll charge a little extra if theyre super complicated more exmaples here ^-^ Userpage of MorgueBuddy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net email: beastfang98@gmail.com
  2. SnottieOtter

    Cheap YCH!

    Hey, I am beginner, offering you cheap commissions. YCH with one character= 10 USD, YCH with two characters and (not too advanced) background= 20 USD, If you are interested, text me on my FA- SnottieOtter Examples: PS: If you are interested why I wanna make if for cash= trying to get a...
  3. kaewaii

    Sketch and Paint Commissions ($10&up)

    Note I will draw nsfw, but I won't draw any kink that sexualizes minorities or children. (Things like F*ta and Lolicon aren't acceptable.) I prefer to be paid upfront, but we can negotiate the method of which payment is dispersed. I'm flexible on this one. Paypal only though. If you want...
  4. Hellsingkitten

    Flat Rate Bondage YCH Open, Just $18!

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I would like to let you all know that I have a YCH open for characters who would like to be bound in a shibari style and muzzled. I am charging a flat rate of $18USD for these colored and shaded pieces for anyone who is interested. I will be using paypal only to...