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  1. ChangingConstant

    (Commission) Selling: SWF commissions in unique and vibrant style for only 50€

    Hello, if you want to see your furrsona drawn in a unique vibrant style, you came to the right place. For only 50$ I will make a SFW high definition coloured drawing of your alter-self that will catch peoples eyes and hearths. Naturally, once the drawing is in your hands, you are free to do what...
  2. Marangai

    Adopt Auction - SB $60 - Pulsefire (fantasy canine) // $18 Adopt (flatsale)

    Hey guys! ^^ Having an auction for this fellow here: Paypal only! SB is $60 min. increase for bids is $2 AB is $150 (will include an additional headshot of this character for this option!) This adopt is uploaded to -> furaffinity and -> deviantArt . (I have different names everywhere...
  3. Foxy Emy

    What are the two most unique features about your main sona?

    I am just curious what people think is the most unique thing about their fursonas. A can see a lot of visual artists going with markings or physical features, a lot of authors going with life/background story, and a lot of RPers (who are, also, authors in a sense) going with personality...
  4. ghostlyfinch

    Selling main oc's...

    www.furaffinity.net: RHUNE > 100 USD by kaii www.furaffinity.net: ROOK FOR SALE> 200.00 USD by kaii www.furaffinity.net: Eclipse for sale. by kaii Hi there I've come to a situation where I direly need quick money, if you could check those out that would be great. You can either reply here, pm...
  5. CupOfChamomile

    [on sale!] Chamomile's Commissions [Open!]

    On sale! Now $7 instead of $10 for a short time! $7 "crayon style" colored fullbodies! Feral or Anthro. Any dimensions you want! I can go off of references or a written description. If you want the art to be a reference of your character I am happy to add a color palette to the side, or add...
  6. oakydeer

    1930's Cuphead/Bendy style adopts for sale! $15, willing to negotiate!

    By golly! These feisty friends are looking for good forever homes to go to! Interested? Comment here! www.furaffinity.net: 1930s Adopts (OPEN) by Oakydeer www.furaffinity.net: 1930s Adopts pt. 2 (OPEN) by Oakydeer More coming soon, so stay "tooned"!
  7. Z

    What makes your 'sona unique?

    I'm dying to know what other people have done to make their own 'sona unique. I've seen a lot of different amazingly unique 'sona's out there since my brief time in this community, and I'd love to see what others did for their own fursonas as well! My current 'sona is a simple Silver fox who's...
  8. Ninapaw

    Foxes Adoptables open

    Hello check this out :3 SB 15$ each one www.furaffinity.net: FOXES / ADOPTABLES OPEN by Ninapaw
  9. B

    New Idea! The likes of which have never before been seen on this, or any other, Earth.

    So, I have an idea. I have a couple of stories already written. And what I'm offering is, essentially, a YCH with writing, as opposed to art. I'd only be charging $4, and it'd be the first thing of this kind. Swing on over to my account on FA main, and send me a note if you're interested.
  10. markusblade21

    Trouble creating unique fursona/scalesona

    I have something in mind for a fursona/scalesona, but I find myself stonewalled when it comes to creating something unique. I've tried coming up with different color/aesthetic combos only to find that someone else has already thought of it. I've tried hybridizing different creations only to...
  11. G

    Name Your Price- Lots of detail, unique style

    First thing's first! Examples, and a link to my fA account: Index -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And now the examples: anyways! My price system is simple- You pay whatever you feel you can afford. It sucks when artists have pieces for like 100 bucks and only people who are willing to reach...
  12. Lonk Chase

    how 2 b unique (in making a Fursona)

    I don't want my fursona (if I ever make one :P) to be formulaic and, well, crap. What all us new furries want are some ways to come up with a fursona that is: Not a Mary Sue Is it's own character, not ripped off from another person's fursona or a fictional character in a well-known franchise...
  13. crystallinecanine

    What's the deal with you?

    I've always been interested in other's fursonas and as to why a lot of them have brightly colored fur and unique markings. Tell me why your fursona has an extraordinary look!