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  1. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

    Okay, good morning/afternoon/night dearest users! Since I began in Furaffinity, I wanted to watch a lot of people (like, a lot) and see al the amazing things they could do! Well, that was almost two years ago. Right now I don't really like to watch a lot of people, and I really tried to unwatch...
  2. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

  3. Lapu

    Forced Unwatching

    Hello, I was just wondering if there was anyway to force a user or group of users to unfollow your own account. I'd prefer it all together if I didn't have anyone following me on my FA account, but even I block, then unblock the account, the user is still watching me. Blocking and unblocking...
  4. D

    Submission Problem: Filter out another's submissions.

    I am a bit unsure how the search engine functions on this site and if it possible to do this. But is there some way to filter out another FA users images from the search results?