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  1. RomieTears

    How would you prefer web comics to be updated?

    I'm a fan of a few web comics and mangas, and I've also been planning a few of my own. I have a question regarding comic updates! Do you prefer 1 page a week updates? 1 chapter a month (more or less) updates? Something else? Personally, I'll read a few comics at a time, leave them alone, and...
  2. 7

    Site Update?

    If any of the FA moderators (or bureaucrats) reading this, are there going to be any updates to the website? (New UI, design, features)
  3. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Oh Fortuna!

    www.pcgamer.com: Warframe's robo-spider boss battles will be like 'Ocean's 11 with more action'
  4. R

    New submission page, any way to go back to classic?

    The new submission list is just awful. Instead of actually showing you the title of the post, the artist, and giving you a checkbox, you have to actually hover over the image to see ANY of that. Not only is it absolutely disgusting to try and use even on a PC, it completely bricks the page for...