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user below you

  1. F

    Listen, let's bake a delicious cake, for the user below you.

    Basically the thread Yum or Yuck, but this time it's cake only! I'll start Coconut cake?
  2. Skychickens

    Take this money for your hobby!

    So the user above you has money to burn and is going to fund your hobby! What can you do with that money? Lucky person below me: You get $800 USD to put solely into a hobby of yours. What does that get you?
  3. Skychickens

    Super Species Swap Spell

    Oh no! Toying with some magic you’ve discovered a Super Species Swap Spell! What it does is change the species of the user below you. Here’s the catch: you only know what classification it was! The user below you finds out what animal. Even if it’s the same class as they are, it will still...