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user pages

  1. Pancakes!Where?

    How to remove "Commission Info" tab from user page? [Solved]

    If someone already made a post about this please link me to a solution, and i'll delete this. I don't do commissions and I would like to remove that tab from my page. If it's a option in the settings, please point it out to me because I don't see it. Thank you
  2. DatDraggy

    Furaffinity Journal Alert [Telegram/E-Mail]

    famonitor.com Many artists announce their commission openings via their journals. Because I'm too lazy to check if there is a new journal on a rather popular artists page every 5 minutes I created famonitor.com / @famonitor_bot The service is free to use for everyone and works via E-Mail and...
  3. liooil

    Cusomized Journals

    What are your tips for customization? How do you guys get them so cool looking?? here's an example: Userpage of AcidaPluvia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net also feel free to show off what you got!