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  1. B

    Main Site How to change username on main site

    I have read you can change your username on the main site but can not figure how or where to i really want to change my name but have no idea where to go to do so? could i get some assistance
  2. A

    How do you change your username here?

    im a nööb,and I just can't fathom how to change my username. please help
  3. P

    Main Site What happens to your comments when you delete your account?

    This includes comments made on artwork, journals, and other people's pages. I haven't found any posts on this that are recent so thought I'd ask again. Do they get removed from the site entirely, stay on the site but have the username show as something like "[deleted account]", still show as...
  4. P

    How to remove username next to people's avatars

    Hi, After getting into FA I finally decided to add some some avatars onto my profile and submission description for credit, But after seeing other profiles with avatars in they seem to just have an avatar in their descriptions with no username next to it, I have avatars and usernames next to my...
  5. tato

    Question About Usernames

    Hey! So I was wondering, if you disable an account, does that make the username available to be registered again? The reason being, I want to register for a username related to my branding, only to find that I used that I already registered with that username before but with an underscore and I...
  6. Guifrog

    The Piñata Game (guess username characters number below)

    We're playing at a party and there's a piñata. You have to guess the number of characters from the forum account name chosen by the user below you (the username. Includes underline, numbers etc). You may not reply twice in a row/to your own post. Whoever gets it right, it means the piñata has...
  7. GodHybrid

    Is it possible to change my username on FA?

    Well, as per the thread name - I'd like to change my name instead of making a new account. I don't see that feature anywhere though, so I guess it's either not implemented, requires an administrator or is simply impossible altogether. What should I do, and can I do anything about it? P.S.: I...
  8. Snootermelon

    So does "display name" even work?

    you cant change your username yet, which SUCKS, but I thought "Display name" was kind of meant to be just that- the name that's displayed on your profile rather than your username. was I wRoNG
  9. M

    Is there any way to change your username on FA?

  10. Q

    Is there a way to change usernames?

    I can't find anything on this, I've googled it and nothing comes up, and then I tried looking in the FAQ but it's under construction/revision. :( Is there a way to change usernames/profile IDs on the furaffinity site? I know you can change your display name, but it doesn't really do much and...
  11. J

    Username change? (oh god its junker again)

    Im not so sure about my username anymore ("oh god junkerfox really? This now?"). I was wondering if i wanted to if i could change it. Any answers would be helpful. Thanks!
  12. D

    Is it possible to change email addresses for the same username?

    Decided to create a forum account to discuss such issue rather than using the Trouble Tickets for something so trivial. I'm currently using mail.com to register and interact on Fur Affinity. I created my email address there under the influence of my high-school teacher - who also happen to be a...
  13. Swivirx

    In desperate need of a new username!

    Hello, all! As you can already tell by the title of this thread, I am in desperate need of a new username. I know that you're supposed to come up with a name on your own so that it has more meaning, but frankly I'm not that good at said topic. I will leave the standards of what the username...
  14. Lea.Tigris

    One-Shot Username changes?

    I know the site admins have probably been pestered day in, day out about being allowed to change usernames on the FA site. But I am curious to see if a possible one-shot change could be enabled? Like you only get one chance to change or update your username, or a single change per year? Rather...
  15. balorkin

    Claiming abandoned/dead account's name

    Hi there. I am looking to change my username / move to another account, eventually, but the username I was looking for is already in use, of course. I read there have been FAQs about this, but the link seems to be dead. I found several old threats saying it is possible, all linking to the FAQ...
  16. RetroWave

    [SOLVED] FurAffinity recognizes me on forums, but not main site

    So I tried logging into the main furaffinity website, but its saying my password is wrong! I go on here, no problems! I try changing my password in case that's it, and it says the emails wrong, and I knew that was wrong, hell even my account on these forums say the email is right. So whats going...