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  1. D

    What are other users?

    I've been looking at the data from the bottom of the page and, whilst I understand Online/Registered/Guest users, I cannot seem to put my finger on what an "Other User" is. Does anyone know? I've been looking in the forum here if I could find an answer, alas, I cannot. Hoping to find someone...
  2. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site A few suggestions

    User-suggested tags This is a feature that Inkbunny has and I think it'll help artists here on FA, too. User additions to the category list I think this would be a great addition. Of course, new additions would have to be reviewed by site staff to prevent spam. Share posts to Twitter Again...
  3. FoxWolfie

    Main Site Users online, guests, registered, etc

    At the bottom of each page on the main site, there is a count of the total users online at the current time. I assume that "registered" means users who are signed in, and "guests" means users who are not signed in while browsing the site. What does "other" refer to? I am asking, because I...
  4. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

  5. Ciderfine

    Inspired imposters

    Not what your thinking but here's my catch. Have any of you ran into someone who you thought was someone else, say a noticeable artist with a character or a style, but turns out they where someone who had heavily based their character off someone else and while not being the person you thought...
  6. A

    Hidden Users.

    I personally hate when I'm searching a particular theme on FA, only to come across the same image posted multiple times. Why? Because someone who buys a commissions believes it's their right to upload to their gallery. Honestly, that's not really acceptable. The gallery is meant to be for users...