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  1. Faustus

    Art for new game - comments welcome

    I decided to try my hand at Unity, so I'm currently working on a (quite innovative, I think) match-3 style game for the *ahem* 'adult' market. I think I have a strong sci-fi concept, but I'm not the world's greatest artist so I welcome any comments, encouragement and suggestions anyone might...
  2. Faustus

    Sketchbook: Camille the Moth

    I recently felt the need to have a go at drawing up a character I've been ruminating on for a while, and simultaneously take the opportunity to work on my fur-drawing skills (because she is excessively floofy!) I think I'm happy with the name 'Camille' for now, though I'm open to suggestions...
  3. Tallow_Phoenix

    Critique: Trying out shading in vector art!

    So I've pretty much done flat colors up until now, but I've decided to give shading a go in Inkscape for the first time. What do you think? I'm sure there's stuff I'm messing up, so don't be afraid to say so!
  4. fish-with-feathers

    One Slot Open! $25-$35

    Hey mates! Commissions are open and I have 1 slot that is yet unclaimed! If anyone is interested, there are more details in the link below! www.furaffinity.net: Mini Round Commissions OPEN! -- fish-with-feathers' Journal
  5. S

    Which Inking style looks better on this?

    I'm making some digital art of Team Chaotix from Sonic. I wanted to know if the piece looks better with... colored ink, dark-colored ink, or black ink.
  6. fish-with-feathers

    Round 3 Commissions OPEN! ($30+)

    I've been a bit slow to open up commissions here on FA since in all truthfulness I'm not really a furry artist. As such my ability to draw furry art is quiet limited, so until now I've held off. That said however I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes! So until the end of September...
  7. Sharklore

    Flatsale Deer Adopts [OPEN, new added!]

    Click here for the FA sale link! 3. Savannah Price: $25 5. Custom Price: $45 Click here for the FA sale link! 2. To the Moon Price: $20 4. Actual Alien Price: $20 Click here for the FA link! 1. Extraterrestrial Price: $20 ★ Rules ★ I only take USD offers, and they must be by means of...
  8. Andrej

    Humans, dragons, and the conspiracies in between - my webcomic "Lost, but Homeward."

    Hi there! I'm Andrej, new to FurAffinity. I've got a webcomic series called Lost, but Homeward which I would like to share with you! A broken royal family; a gang of dragons ready to make them their prey; and the people of the kingdom living their lives in the middle of all this -- a conspiracy...
  9. k.times.two

    Night In The Woods-styled fullbodies! ($30-$60 USD)

    Hi all! I'm fairly new to FA, but I've been selling some of these recently and figured y'all might appreciate them here too. They seem to be popular! Not super used to FA as a salesplace, so my Terms of Service are over at k-times-two.tumblr.com: Terms of Service. Feel free to contact me either...
  10. Sharklore

    ♛ Sharktank: digital fullbodies, busts, and more! ♛

    Hello, hello! Welcome to my thread. Thanks for taking a look! I have a few different commission types open and I'm excited to be drawing! I'll go over my shop info really quickly here, but you can find a whole overview at my website Art Examples and Prices: What I can draw...