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  1. ThefriendlyFurry

    Art Trade: My two exotic OCs Need Art

    So rent kicked my paychecks ass more than i excpected, so i have two characters a Hyena and a Raptor who are just text. Does anyone mind doing a trade? I have a few OCs I don't use and would gladly trade 2 for the two characters. I will glaldy commission the artists who i trade with once my...
  2. Rap Daniel

    Looking for a TF artist taking requests

    If you can draw a good anthro Velociraptor TF sequence or single shot TF, please start a conversation and we'll sort out the details. PG-13 ONLY If sequence, 5 stages minimum. If single shot, have fragments of Rap's human pants covering his "Area 51" unless it has already changed.
  3. Rap Daniel

    Rap RP

    I do casual RP from 11 AM to at most 7 PM EST, Thursday thru Sunday. I don't do any sexual roleplay with male furries. I AM NOT GAY!
  4. Rap Daniel

    I can open doors with knobs

    Can someone draw my oc bragging to Blue (from Jurassic World) about the fact he can open doors with knobs?
  5. Rap Daniel

    Velociraptor Transformation?

    Can someone do a TF of a human(Any look) transforming into Rap? Sequence, startled at first, loves it at the end Pants get torn (Not completely off. Just a few big holes) but shirt survives Picture of Rap:
  6. Rap Daniel

    I need a ref sheet.

    REMEMBER, I will accept only SFW content. The character is Rap, an anthro velociraptor. (Jurassic Park style.) Clothing includes a torn Jurassic Park T-shirt (Because he thinks it as sexy), white shorts, no shoes, and no hat. No hair Blue eyes with slit pupils Digitigrade feet (He stands on...
  7. Rap Daniel

    Draw my Raptor oc please?

    His name is Rap, and he looks like SkadeRaptor but with a darker shade and a brownish yellow streak on his sides like the Indoraptor. He loves to wear torn shirts because its sexy to him, wears white shorts and no footwear because he's digitigrade. A ref would be amazing to see but I will accept...
  8. Clever Girl

    Tips for a Foam Body (and other things)

    I'm going to be starting a (Jurassic Park) Velociraptor costume soon and this will be my first experience with upholstery foam and while I'm always up for using new materials, I don't like feeling like I'm going in blind. This video eased my mind a bit, but it's using pre-made templates for...
  9. MortalKAkatsuki96

    Looking for Plush Artists to draw Dinosona!

    I'm curious if there are any plush makers out there that can make my dinosona! I don't have a specific budget since I'm not sure what prices for plushes are, but just send me your prices and examples and I'll look them over! <3 This is my dinosona, it doesn't have to be a super accurate plush...
  10. S

    Intimidation tactics and a hesitant newcomer.

    First and foremost, let me just say that reading through the sticky guide of to do's and not to do's scared the crap out of me. So there is no need for pitchforks and sharpened claws here, I understand the rules! Hahaha! Now then, onto the typical introduction! The names Shade, but you can...