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  1. S

    Things that ruin friendships

    Mario Kart Monopoly (board game) Role plays Arts Yes, even RPs, and arts. Especially RPs and arts, in my opinion. I've never had more dramas and conflicts with the furry fandom than when I try to RP with peeps. Or when I try to fit in with the other artists. I remember last year, someone...
  2. E

    Furry Pet Peeves

    Because everyone likes complaining! This is a thread to post all your pet peeves about the furry fandom, furry designs, furry sites, really anything furry related. I'll get us started- Fursona's that have "tattoos". I know you want that sweet ass marking on your 'sona, but that is not how...
  3. Bjorn Potato

    Maybe some rp, maybe not

    Sorry for posting this here, but I really need someone to vent to. Maybe the friendship will go on and do some rp/erp, but who knows? I mainly use discord. Also, if you could tell me your time zone, and age, just so that I'm sure I can do anything. Again, sorry for posting this here, it's the...
  4. mechanicalrain

    Terrible Awful No Good Roommate

    Ugh So straight up, this is just a thread to vent the woes of having bad roommates. Rant Ahoy! Context; I bought a house with my partner of 12 years. We've been friends since High school, never had any trouble. Our house has two spare bedrooms, so we rented them out to two other friends- also...
  5. D

    I hate this fandom

    I joined this fandom because every thing I saw looked cool. The art, the fursuits, the music, the performance and of course the porn. Its just all so interesting and exciting and I hope to make my own art some day. There are plenty artist and furries out their that I see as inspiring and have...
  6. xokux

    society and angst

    sometimes I don't understand this world so apparently now you can apply for social security at 18 but if you do that, that early I just.. won't you run out of money? isn't social security for retirement.. this economy is really messing a lot of people up and it's almost as bad as the times...
  7. luxdreamer

    I need to vent.

    I am pretty upset right now. Just a warning -- this is going to be a LONG post. Feel free to scroll down to the tl;dr segment for a run-through. I just really need to type all this out for my own sanity. Once upon a time a friend of mine, we are going to call her Jane and her boyfriend Kyle...